Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching with PowerPoint Workshop  
Engaging Students in Learning Workshop (J. Cowan)
Giving Effective Lectures Guide
Learning Theories Workshop
Discipline Resources HEA (UK)
Rethinking Teaching Workshop
Effective Teaching Learning & Assessment (C Rust)
Student Centred Learning

Interactive Teaching & Learning: Engaging Learners

Active Learning Guide
Active Learning Strategies 1
Active Learning Strategies 2
Active Learning Workshop
Teaching without Talking' Strategies (G Petty)

Enquiry & Problem-based Learning


Case Studies Resources
Enquiry Based Learning (M Healey 2015)  Project & Problem based Learning
Final Year Projects and Dissertations (M Healey 2015)   


Large Group Teaching

Teaching Large Classes Workshop (O Hanratty)

Intercultural Teaching

Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (Doyle)
Integrating Diverse Groups (J Carroll)
Teaching International Students (J Carroll)
Working with International Students Guide
Toolkit Enquiry-based Learning Business disciplines
Resources for Intercultural Communication

Learning Theories

Learning Theories Workshop (Jordan & Carlile)