Blackboard Reflective Practice Guide

Using Technology to Enhance Learning

eL12 Using technology to enhance Learning Handout


eL12 Podcasting for Learning Presentation

Online Quizzes

eL13 Blackboard Creating Online Quizzes Presentation
eL13 Blackboard Creating Online Quizzes Handout


eL13 PowerPoint 2010 tips for effective use Presentation
eL12 PowerPoint 2010 tips Worksheet
Be Visual – an online workshop showing how to find copyright-cleared images and clip art, and how to edit them in PowerPoint - includes a handout of tasks, an overview interactive presentation, 7 how-to videos and guided useful links

MS Excel

Learn how to use MS Excel to work with student marks - to calculate final marks for students with different assessment components, work with different weightings, calculate class averages etc.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication Collaboration.pdf (L Boyle 2012)

Online Discussion

Online Discussion.pdf (L Boyle 2012)


eL13 Blackboard 9 Turnitin Quickstart
eL13 Blackboard 9 Turnitin Workshop Handout