Group Assessment

Assessing Group Work
Resources for Group Assessment
Templates for Group Assessment
Group Assessment Workshop (B Bowe)
Managing Group Projects Workshop (S Huntley-Moore)


Workshop Presentations Guides
Constructive Alignment & Assessment 1 (Prof J Biggs) Assessment Methods
Constructive Alignment & Assessment 2 (Prof J Biggs) Effective Feedback on Assignments
Assessment Practice @ ITC Assignment Brief Design Guidelines HEA 2014
Criterion-Based Assessment (M Palmer) Rethinking Feedback in HE (Sambell)
Assessment & Feedback  (Prof Nicols) A-Z Guide Assessment Methods TLC
Enhancing Assessment & Feedback (C Rust)  


Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom Assessment Techniques Examples
Classroom Assessment Techniques for Science Technology Engineering Math


PowerPoint on ITC Policy you can adapt for use with your students
Resource list with online links
Plagiarism Student Workbook
Assessment Methods Which Discourage Plagiarism 2014
Lecturer Resources Anti-Plagiarism
Powerpoint on Introduction to Turnitin for Students you can adapt for use with your students