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Newsletter - September 2021

Newsletter - September 2021Welcome back to a new academic year

On behalf of the Teaching and Learning Centre team, welcome to the new academic year.

The last 18 months have presented us with both challenges and opportunities—we have witnessed significant changes in the way we think and approach our teaching and, as a result, have reimagined and embraced more progressive pedagogical practices. Together, we transgressed the boundaries of the physical classroom and, with our students, created a genuine community of practice, reaching out to learners wherever they were located and being there to listen to their needs.

The one constant throughout has been that our learning has been a real collective effort.

This academic year in Teaching and Learning, we will continue to work together to support staff and students through our CPD offerings, our accredited provision, and our learner-faced initiatives, such as the Academic Writing Centre, the Maths Support Centre and the Hear to Help initiative. We are also particularly pleased this month to be launching our new online PACE programme, which will support learners to access and use library resources effectively and you will find details of this in the current edition of the Newsletter. In addition, we will be announcing funding details later this month for upcoming national projects, and have an exciting series of seminars lined up for the year, so we would strongly encourage you to get involved.

Finally, this is an exciting time for us all in higher education and we very much look forward to working with you all again this year and to building on all the great practices that we have developed together over the last year. Wishing you, and all learners, every success for the year ahead.

Dr Gina Noonan
Head of Teaching and Learning Centre
Institute of Technology Carlow