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Newsletter - October 2019


‘When everyone in the classroom, teacher and students, recognizes that they are responsible for creating a learning community together, learning is at its most meaningful and useful. In such a community of learning there is no failure.’ 
- bell hooks (US author, professor, feminist, and social activist)


Welcome to the first issue of our Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) monthly newsletter. We hope you enjoyed a break over the Summer and have settled into the new academic year. Each month we will share with you some considerations for your teaching practice, some design and tech resources and a calendar of upcoming Teaching and Learning (T&L) events. But we’ve also reserved a place for your valuable input; we would love to hear about what you are doing in your classroom to help your learners learn and, with your permission, to share this in subsequent editions, thereby building a community of learners.

We very much look forward to hearing from you! - The TLC team

Learning, Design & Technology Resources

(Resources for consideration)

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Kahoot! Is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or quizzes. It is quick and intuitive and places your learners at the centre of their own learning.

Kahoot! is a classroom response system that encourages learners to participate and become more active in the classroom. It’s flexible, simple, engaging and allows ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) – taking advantage of the fact that most learners have smartphones in their pockets.

Learn more here »


Teaching and Learning Reflections

(Items to consider for your teaching practice)

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Reflect (verb) - from the late Latin ‘reflectere’ and the Old French ‘reflecter’ (from the late 14th century). Meaning to ‘turn, flex or bend back’. By the late 15th century, it had assumed the meaning ‘to turn one’s thoughts back on…’

And just as a mirror reflection consists of light waves bouncing our image back at us…a pause for reflection suggests you are bending your thoughts inwards…thinking about your learning…

In higher education, we want our learners to become reflective, but what does that mean to them and where in our curriculum (and in our classrooms) do we create the space for them to reflect? Do we have ‘time out to think’ built into our sessions? Do we ask them not just to defend their ideas from their own perspective, but maybe to do so from a contrary one, and in that way reflecting on things from different angles and using different lenses…

Maybe that is something that we need to reflect on ourselves and be more flexible…

Calendar of Events

(Upcoming Teaching and Learning Events)






Collaborate Couch to 5K
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Launched on Monday 23rd September.

This is a tailored CPD course designed to support you should you wish to use the Collaborate Virtual Classroom as part of a blended approach. The course is entirely voluntary and will take you from absolute beginner to proficient user, all at your own pace and all through Blackboard. It is composed of a series of short screencasts, presented within 6 modules, that show you how to set up and use the virtual classroom. The Collaborate Couch to 5K course is hosted through the Teaching and Learning Staff Hub on Blackboard and there is no need to sign up as access to the programme is freely available to all.

For more information on the Collaborate Couch to 5K click here »

Take a tech break!

30 mins of learning tech.

A new series of short technological workshops will run for 6 weeks starting mid-October.

Each week we will showcase a different topic, system, tech, resource which you may want to consider implementing in your teaching. The informal workshops will last a maximum of 30 minutes and will include tech demos and discussion. There will be two sessions per week, Mondays and Thursdays, both covering the same topic so if you miss one, why not come along to the other. Simply drop in, bring a coffee and talk tech!

Details of topic, times and venue will be circulated in early October.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding


IT Carlow, through the Teaching and Learning Centre, will support a maximum of fifteen grants in the calendar year 2020. Each application can attract funding of up to €3,000.

To view the Teaching & Learning Grants Call 2019 click here »

To download the Teaching & Learning Grants Application Form click here »

Teaching and Learning Enchancement Funding Deadline is 3rd October 2019 at 12.00 noon.

Over To You

TEL (Technology-Enchanced Learning) us your story

We'd love to hear from you.

In 200 words or less, share your thoughts and experience of TEL that you are using with your learners.
For example, tell us how you are using it, what your students like about it, how effective it is in supporting learning and whether or not you believe it has applications in other contexts.
If you are happy to share your piece (either with or without your name/dept/section), we will include it in a subsequent issue of the newsletter.

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