eLearning – supporting learning in a blended environment

start with a focus on pedagogy not technology ...
blend pre-, live and post- events and activities to support learners ...
preparation key with a focus on engaging students, creating learning activities and providing feedback

We support the thoughtful integration of technology to support learning and teaching, from face-to-face classrooms to online environments. We offer workshops and consultancies for academics on the practicalities of, and pedagogy for, successfully blending technology to enhance the learning of your students.


IT Carlow’s virtual learning environment is Blackboard 9. Login to https://blackboard.itcarlow.ie/ using your college ID and password (contact blackboard@itcarlow.ie for login details). All academics are enrolled in a Blackboard Support course, where you will find workshop handouts, how-to videos and links to online support. Note that Turnitin is integrated into Blackboard.

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To contact the Teaching & Learning Centre email tlc@itcarlow.ie