IT Carlow One-to-One Virtual Sessions

Bookings now closed

One-to-one bookings are now closed, please contact with any CAO 2021 queries you have. One-to-one bookings will re-open soon.

Have a chat about your CAO 2021 options with our team at IT Carlow. 

Students are invited to book a one-to-one virtual chat with our schools liaison team or sports department to hear about what IT Carlow has to offer.

The virtual session will take place on a Zoom call with IT Carlow school liaison team and will include:

  • An overview of IT Carlow; facilities, scholarships, access options
  • Undergraduate courses available
  • How to apply (CAO applications only)
  • Question sessions

* Please note one-to-one sessions are available for students applying to undergraduate courses through the CAO, International students please contact


Book One-to-One Sessions with our Schools Liaison Team

IT Carlow

Maria Byrne

IT Carlow Schools Liaison Officer
Available every Tuesday & Thursday from 9am to 6pm


IT Carlow

Hannah Murphy

IT Carlow Marketing & Schools Liaison Assistant
Available every Monday from 9am to 4pm 


IT Carlow

Christopher Parle

IT Carlow Schools Liaison & Marketing Assistant
Available every Thursday from 9am to 4pm


Book One-to-One Sessions with our Sports Department

IT Carlow

Liam Blanchfield

IT Carlow Sports & Marketing Assistant (GAA)
Available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 2pm


IT Carlow

Serena Stanley

IT Carlow Sports Clubs Attendant
Available every Friday from 9am to 12pm


IT Carlow

Paula Hickey

IT Carlow Sports Office Supervisor
Available every Monday from 2pm to 4pm


IT Carlow

Shane Aston

Athletics Development Officer
Available every Monday from 12pm to 3pm, Tuesday from 2pm to 5pm and Thursday 11am to 5pm