Digital Hustle Summer School 2022

27th June - 1st July FREE online via Collaborate hosted by SETU Carlow Campus

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Is the Digital Hustle for me?

If you are a TY or senior cycle secondary school student and fancy developing your online presence, building a little business online or launching a fan page or a social justice campaign… or you just want to meet some fantastic online movers and shakers… then the Digital Hustle summer school is for you.

Who will you meet:


Jacob Donegan

The Digital Hustle is delighted to announce Jacob Donegan as our star influencer this year. Jacob has a global audience of 1.2 million on TikTok and is one of the most important young trans activists in the world. Hear his story exclusively at the Digital Hustle. Meet Jacob in real time and learn from his extensive experience as an influencer and creator.



Lauren Whelan

TikTok star Lauren Whelan is back to tell us how she has added over half a million followers to her account.



Alexandra Ryan

Alexandra Ryan is the impossibly glamorous founder and CEO of A friend to the stars and a genuine ecommerce entrepreneur. She will tell her story and inspire us to dream of a successful business online.



Maeve Acheson

Maeve Acheson is one of Ireland’s premier Influencer agents with PLUTO marketing and events agency. She will tell you what an agent can do for you and how to get one.



Daryl from The Wolf Academy

Daryl from The Wolf Academy shows us how to make SM work for us and our minded selves. The Wolf Academy helps young people connect with and become their true selves. Daryl has a Diploma in Psychology and is also a Certified Success Coach, Personal Trainer, Breathwork Coach and Meditation Instructor.

Caoimhe Byrne at Digital Hustle Summer School Tom Hyland at Digital Hustle Summer School Caoimhe Byrne and Tom Hyland

With nearly 400k TikTok followers between them Caoimhe and Tom share with us their hilarious take on Irish life. Learn from them how to build your following by doing your own comedy skits online.



What we do:

The Hustle introduces you to young entrepreneurs and influencers who are making it and trying to make it big online. Through their experiences, you learn the dos and don’t of successful branding with the added sweetener of tips from the top. The Digital Hustle is also a time for you to come up with little hustles and develop the ones you already have swimming around at the back of your mind.

How we do it:

Our sessions are online using the SETU Carlow VLE system. You will be sent a link… just click and off we go.

The sessions will be short and there will be lots of opportunities for you to dip in and dip out.

There will be interactive elements, a workshop structure at times, and you can post and take part in Q&As with the influencers. There will be competitions, quizzes and craic.

It is a school but not as you know it!

The Digital Hustle Summer School is a school (shock!) and you will get the chance to learn the science and business elements of an online hustle which will help you feel more in control of your online presence.

‘Sciencey’ bits include topics like the psychology of memes and the meaning behind our digital identities.

The ‘businessy’ bits include topics like brand building, telling your story online and how to market your ideas.

Who are our experts?

Our afternoon sessions are run by young people with young influencers taking the stage. In the mornings we have structured learning opportunities, these will be lively and interactive.

Needless to say, we have amazing teachers here at the Digital Hustle.

Dr Mary McGill

Dr Mary McGill is the selfie queen of the academic world. She is a Media Studies lecturer, researcher and journalist. She is also a former Hardiman Scholar at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where her doctoral study explored young women's experiences of self-representation online. Basically, she’s very smart. And you’ll be smarter after hearing what she has to say.



Dr Eleanor O’Leary

Dr Elearnor O'Leary is an expert in popular culture and is the winner of a national Teaching Hero Award. Not too Shabby! She can empower us by helping us understand the meanings behind the small actions we take online.



Dorothy Keane

Dorothy Keane is our marketing expert. Dor received a ‘Marketing Lecturer of the Year’ award last year. Dor is a genius at helping people discover and promote their ‘story’ online


That is just a taste of the amazing academic and professional expertise you will have a chance to hear and learn from this summer.

If you have specific questions, please email us on

We hope to see you in June.

The Digital Hustle Summer School is funded by the Higher Education Authority