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All applicants must carefully read the CAO Handbook and take note of the important deadlines and any restrictions that may apply. CAO Handbook click here »

Completing the Application Form - A Guide for Parents & Guardians

The majority of students now complete the application form online. Students who submit a form online may avoid some of the many common pitfalls experienced by those who submit a paper application form, for example entering an invalid course code. The CAO system will not allow invalid codes.
Students should place their courses choices in genuine order of preference, and not based on predictions about what the points score will be or how they will perform in their examinations, so please remind your child of this fact when they are completing their application form.
When you submit an online application you will receive an e-mail containing details of your registration and CAO application number. This number is extremely important as it will be used for all communication with the CAO throughout the year.

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