Certificate in Python Programming

  • Certificate in Python Programming
  • CW_CRPYP_V (Carlow)
  • 10 credits
  • 7
  • 12 weeks part-time
  • TBC
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Python is the world’s most widely used computer programming language and is an essential skill for work in the fast-paced field of information technology. The ability to programme and code gives you the competitive advantage in careers from computer engineering and software development to data science and analysis.

Our Certificate in Python Programming demystifies this computer language, breaking down its syntax and demonstrating its similarity to the English language. Learners will gain a breadth of knowledge on programming concepts and their Python application allowing them to accomplish data retrieval, processing and visualisation with ease.

They will be equipped to write, build and troubleshoot Python language programmes including network connections, databases, file system access and restful API. Learners will have put new knowledge and skills to the test through practical project work on a subject reflecting real-life programming industry challenges.

According to Statista, Python was the most popular programming language in the world in early March 2020. In addition, the official ranker for programming languages, the Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL), reinforces Python as the most popular programming language. This puts it above more familiar programming languages like Java. – Future Learn, August, 2021.

Join us today to jumpstart your programming career with the help of our certificate programme.


  • Understanding Python
  • Designing and Programming
  • Using Python Programming

Entry Requirements

All applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Lifelong Learning reserves the right to require applicants to attend for an interview to determine their suitability for the programme



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