Certificate in On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

  • Certificate in On-Site Wastewater Treatment & Disposal
  • Special Purpose Level 7 Award
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  • 12 weeks
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This course is Springboard funded and is free for applicants that are classed as unemployed or returners. Applicants that are in employment, will have 90% of their fees covered. The aim of this course is to ensure graduates are fully informed of the requirements of the EPA code of practice and to be capable of implementing these requirements in the field. Graduates will be capable of establishing the suitability of any site for a treatment system, design solutions for difficult sites and oversee the installation of a system in accordance with the design requirements. Students will be able to apply the principles of microbiology, hydrogeology and hydrology to ensure systems are designed to effectively protect the environment. They will bring a level of professionalism to this industry that is currently experiencing a higher level of regulation in an attempt to ensure septic systems can function without causing an unacceptable environmental risk.

The learner will develop knowledge of the treatment of wastewater in small scale systems. A thorough understanding of the treatment of wastewater in the soil will be acquired with particular emphasis on the role of soil in the protection of surface water and groundwater. In particular, they will gain a hands-on knowledge of the characterisation and classification of soil. The hydraulic properties of the soil and its capacity to facilitate the disposal of the wastewater will allow participants fully appreciate the limitations in the design of effective systems. The importance of the underlying geology will form part of the course. The EPA Code of Practice: Treatment Systems for Single Houses and the Water Framework Directive will form the regulatory background for the treatment standards. The course will also demonstrate the mechanics of the construction of soil-based treatment and disposal of wastewater.

Entry Requirements

All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis


Springboard Funded

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