Certificate in Disability Studies

  • Certificate in Disability Studies
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The aim of this course is to explore with students the various theoretical principles that underpin working with people with disabilities from a rights based, citizenship and equality agenda. This programme will also expand students’ knowledge regarding impairments and disability issues and explore the role and function of inter-agency and multidisciplinary work and evaluate a range of frameworks when designing person centred programmes with clients.

Students will study:

  • Theories of Disability
  • Practice Concepts Interventions
  • Services and Supports through the Lifespan


On completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  • appraise the challenges of working with clients from various theoretical frameworks;
  • identify a range of issues that impact on the lived experiences of people with disabilities
  • evaluate ways of working with people with disabilities to support them in living lives of their own choosing
  • differentiate between the needs of the person with a disability across the lifespan
  • contrast the various types and methods of advocacy
  • discern the range of discriminatory practices and outlooks that impact on clients’ lives
  • devise ways of working in social care that promote inclusion

Entry Requirements

All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis



How to Apply

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