Lifelong Learning Withdrawal Form

* Indicates a mandatory field which must be completed



Wrong choice of programme
University not suitable
Programme too difficult
Programme did not meet expectations
Personal/Family illness
Financial difficulties
Felt out of place/homesick
Accommodation difficulties


Re-applying to Third Level next year
No definite plans
Leaving to go to work
Leaving to do a PLC Course
Transferring to another Third Level College
Returning to sit Leaving Cert


Attended Open Day
Career Guidance Teacher
Visiting Speaker from ITC
Careers Exhibition


Head of Department
University Counsellor
Class Tutor
Other Lecturer


All student withdrawals must be authorised by one of the Lifelong Learning Management Team *

  I confirm this withdrawal was authorised by one of the Lifelong Learning Management Team


By submitting this form I am withdrawing as a student at SETU Carlow. I confirm that I have discharged all my debts to the University and that I have returned any due items to the University Library.