Lifelong Learning Deferral Request Form

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I understand that all Examinations and Continuous Assessment deferrals are subject to Examination Board approval and that in the case of a full year deferral I have fourteen days from the date of submission of this request in which I can request that the deferral be cancelled, otherwise I cannot return until the next academic session.





Rules for Deferred Entry

SETU Carlow will allow an applicant to defer entry if the following circumstances apply:

  1. the reason for seeking the deferral is caused by circumstances unforeseen at the time of application which are outside the control of the applicant and
  2. the circumstances are such that they would prevent the applicant from taking up the place offered / sitting the examinatin in the current year.

An example of a reason deemed acceptable for deferral:

  1. the necessity to undergo a lengthy stay in hospital

Deferrals will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Examination Board approval applicable to Examination and Continuous Assessment request for deferral
  2. that the course/subject will be available in the University in the year that the applicant proposed to take up the place.
  3. that the applicant will not accept another deferral or attend another University on a part-time basis during the period of the deferral.
  4. that the applicant will confirm in writing, to the Lifelong Learning Centre his/her intention to avail of the place offer by the date notified to him/her.
  5. The applicant must pay the normal fee, if applicable, for acceptance of the University place to secure the deferral.  When the applicant takes up the deferred place, the acceptance fee will be set against any fees due.
  6. Request for deferrals must be submitted to the Faculty of Lifelong Learning.