Part-Time Courses Carlow

Postgraduate | Major and Certificate Awards

Major Awards
Level 9
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business in Business (MB)
Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
Master of Science in Business Risk Management
Master of Arts in Child, Youth and Family Studies
Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning
Master of Arts in Leadership in Early Years Education and Care
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
Master of Science in Medical Device Regulatory Affairs
Master of Science Information Technology Management
Master of Science in Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust 
Master of Science in Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Level 8
Higher Diploma in Business in Tourism Marketing

Higher Diploma in Business in Supply Chain Management
Higher Diploma in Business in Business Management
Higher Diploma in Business in International Business
Higher Diploma in Business in International Financial Services
Higher Diploma in Arts in Digital Media Design
Higher Diploma in Arts in Journalism and New Media Content (in partnership with Carlow College St Patrick's)
Higher Diploma in Science Digital Marketing with Analytics

Postgraduate Certificates
Level 9
Certificate in BIM and Construction Project Management

Certificate in Workforce Management
Certificate in BIM Management
Certificate in Construction Project Management
Certificate in Contemporary Issues in Childhood and Youth Studies
Certificate in Family Support (Theory and Practice)
Certificate in Leadership, Strategy & Governance
Certificate in Lean Manfacturing and Six Sigma
Certificate in Sustainable Supply Chains
Certificate in Digital Strategy
Certificate in Health and Safety in Construction
Certificate in Facilities Management
Certificate in Workplace Wellbeing
Certificate in Leadership Effectiveness
Certificate in Strategic Workforce Planning
Certificate in Workforce Planning Process
Certificate in Addiction Studies
ertificate in Medical Device Technologies: Design, Development and Testing

Undergraduate Courses

Business and Accounting
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting

Bachelor of Business (Honours) Management
Bachelor of Business (Honours) Business
Higher Certificate in Business (Wexford)
Higher Certificate in Business (Carlow and Wicklow)

Diploma in Management Effectiveness and Practice
Certificate in Marketing with Social Media Skills
Certificate in Effective Leadership and Change Management
Certificate in Project Management & Communications
Certificate in Strategy for Innovation and Decision Making
Certificate in Purchasing Strategy, Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma
Certificate in Management Development
Certificate in Applied Strategic Management
Certificate in Organisational Psychology and Behaviour
Certificate in Data Protection Law
Certificate in Professional Report Writing
ertificate in Data Analytics for Business
ertificate in Decision Making and Critical Thinking
ertificate in Design Thinking and Management
ertificate in Organisational Change
ertificate in Regulatory Affairs Quality Management and Strategy

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) - Year 4 only
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Practice
Honours Bachelor of Law (LL.B)
Certificate in Contract Law
Certificate in Land Law and Succession
Certificate in Employment Law
Certificate in Administrative Law
Certificate in Evidence
Certificate in EU Law
Certificate in Equity and Trust Law
Certificate in Family and Child Law
Certificate in Legal Practice and Procedure
Certificate in Jurisprudence
Certificate in Constitutional Law
Certificate in Legal Research and Communications
Certificate in Social Pedagogy in Relationship-Centered Practice
Certificate in Tort Law
Certificate in the Irish Legal System
Certificate in Criminal Law
Certificate in Introduction to Psychology
Certificate Introduction to Criminology and the Irish Justice System
Certificate in Managing Quality Change in Social Care
Certificate in Meeting the Challenge of Challenging Behaviour
Certificate in Group Work and Facilitation
Certificate in Restorative Practices
Certificate in Disability and Ageing Studies
Certificate in Leadership and Change Management
Certificate in Building Capacity and Enhancing Leadership in Intercultural Understanding and Diversity
ertificate in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Management and Leadership
ertificate in Equality and Diversity

Bachelor of Science in Management (Multicraft Technology)
Bachelor of Science in Energy Management (Buildings)
Certificate in Health, Safety & Environmental Management
Certificate in Energy Sustainability
Certificate in Electrical Principles
Certificate in Quality Management Control
Certificate Introduction to CAD and 3D Modelling
Certificate in Advanced CAD and 3D Modelling
ertificate in Irish Architectural History

PR and Media | Digital media and Entrepreneurship
Certificate in Graphic Design
Certificate in Web Design
Certificate in Digital Media
Certificate in Digital Marketing
Certificate in Entrepreneurship


Certificate in IP Networking and Design
Certificate in Python Programming
Certificate in Network and Cloud Security
Certificate in Security Management and Compliance

Science and Health
Certificate Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
Certificate Educational Psychology
Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
Certificate in Industrial Microbiology and Biopharmaceuticals
Certificate in Brewing Process
Certificate in On-site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
Diploma in Health & Safety at Work
Certificate in Community Sports Coaching

For further details on the courses listed please see our Part-time Prospectus 2022/23.
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Programmes are provided with support from EU and the Government of Ireland


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