Dublin Art Therapy College

In 2011 Dublin Art Therapy Studio (DATS) commenced offering a Professional Certificate in Art Psychotherapy to Counsellors and Psychotherapists. The need for a separate and distinct school of art therapy in Ireland emerged because of accumulative international evidence of the therapeutic value of art as a distinct therapy (Chapman, L. et al. 2001, Drake, L. et al. 2012, Monti, D. et al. 2004, Seligman, Z. 1995, Thyme, K. et al. 2007). The focus of the course was to enable therapists to integrate art therapy into their clinical practice. With growing interest in Art Therapy, it soon became apparent that there was a need for a comprehensive core-training programme to be established.

The philosophy of the Dublin Art Therapy College (DATC) embraces the PersonCentred Approach and integrates the core philosophical principles with Art Psychotherapy and Neuroscience. (HassCohen, N. & Carr, R. 2008, Malchiodi, C. 2013, Rogers, N. 1993, Rubin, J. 2016). Immersed in the humanistic beliefs and traditions of developmental selfactualisation, there is a strong commitment to promoting a student-centred learning environment. This environment is fully supportive of students as they enter the rigours of personal, professional, and academic development. A holistic approach to education underpins the pedagogical style and DATC aim to help learners to achieve their full potential. The focus is on identifying and respectfully supporting the needs of the students, whilst at the same time being mindful of diversity. Underpinning this philosophy is our adherence to upholding the professional and ethical framework outlined through the recognised regulatory agencies, such as IACP, with integrity. 

Awards & Exit Awards

• Master of Science in Creative Art Psychotherapy: Working with Young People
• Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Integrative Counselling and Art Therapy - Level 6 Minor, Certificate after Stage 1; - Level 6 Major, Intermediate Certificate after Stage 2; - Level 7, Bachelor degree after Stage 3 - and Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Integrative Counselling and Art Therapy after Stage 4.

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