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Welcome to SETU Lifelong Learning Carlow's dedicacted news hub for news and events in relation to Lifelong Learning's work towards the Athena Swan Bronze Award.

SETU Lifelong Learning Carlow has launched the self-assessment process, that will begin its Athena Swan journey. An online launch event is taking place on 15 November 2022 to kickstart the project. The event will be attended by managers, office and lecturing staff, as well as student representatives. 

The award recognises a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and other inequalities and develops an inclusive culture that values all staff. The rigorous process requires buy-in from staff and students from across Lifelong Learning Carlow and representation of the full spectrum of stakeholders involved in its wide-ranging activities. 

There are 8 Charter Principles that will support our department as it embarks on this journey to engage in meaningful and sustainable equality work. These principles, which SETU as a university have committed to, cover a wide range of elements such as active leadership, structural and cultural change, intersectionality, gender representation, consideration of trans staff and students, flexible working and work-life balance. You can read the Athena Swan Ireland principles in full here.

The Self-Assessment Team (SAT) Chair, Rosemary Flynn, and Athena Swan coordinator, Áine Coady, will put together the self-assessment team. The members of the team will undertake the process of self-assessment of the SETU Lifelong Learning Carlow, under headings such as culture and belonging; staff development and training; recruitment and selection; promotion and progressio; among others. An evidence-based four-year action plan will be formed following this process which will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals.

For more information on SETU Lifelong Learning Carlow's Athena Swan journey, contact:

Ms Rosemary Flynn, BBS, MBA
Lifelong Learning Manager
T: 059 9175920

Ms Aine Coady, BA (Hons), MSc                                 
Lifelong Learning EDI Coordinator
T: 059-9175268