Graduate Testimonials

Peter Hanratty, Quality Management Systems & Training Manager, Aeolus Engine Services - Ireland has been described as the global capital of the aircraft leasing and year on year the industry has expanded. Going forward to meet this demand in growth the industry needs a steady input of suitably experienced and knowledgeable specialists. One course in particular which has focused on building real jobs for the industry is the ‘Certificate in Business in Technical Aircraft Management’. Having completed this course I can confirm that it has provided incredible detail on the aviation regulations which govern the industry and the technical expectations of companies within the leasing industry. Many experienced professionals shared their industry experiences and provided support for students in relation to individual career paths within the industry.  

The course is structured to assist unemployed students with their search for employment and also students who are employed but want to progress in the industry by holding evening and weekend classes. Many of the students also had a great deal of aviation experience and knowledge on both engines and airframe and this was shared within the class. This proved to be a great learning experience and instilled a sense of comradery among students in the class.

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of the course was the support structure provided by the college, whether that was the regular classroom visits by the Cait and Marie to see how students were progressing or the friendly reception received from Marie on the end of the phone line if there was a personal enquiry.

Muireann McElligott, Technical Project Manager Santos Dumont - The Certificate in Business in Technical Aircraft Management course offered by (formerly) IT Carlow proved to be extremely beneficial as I endeavored to enter the Aircraft Leasing and Technical Consultancy Industry.  I found the subject matter covered throughout the Modules to be relevant and up to date.  Industry professionals made up the team of lecturers and guest speakers.  This offered an opportunity to learn from individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

I was able to fit the course in comfortably around my normal working hours and with the availability of notes through Blackboard allowed a much more flexible approach to learning. We received great support from the Programme Co-ordinators and Administrator throughout the term. 

The course introduces you to professionals from all sides of the industry meaning a diverse classroom atmosphere with several different viewpoints and the opportunity to learn from others experience and knowledge.  The course is as beneficial to individuals who wish to refresh or up-skill for their current roles as it is for individuals who wish to explore new career opportunities.     

Tony Lennon, Quality Inspector and Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) Signatory - The Carlow Technical Aircraft Management Programme offers an opening to those wishing to train in the aviation leasing, consulting and technical support sectors. Top class lecturers, industry professionals and guest speakers ensured that the programme delivered on commitment. The lecturers experience, knowledge and expertise in each of the modules made the lectures interesting and informative. I looked forward to attending college at the end of the working week. The lecture schedule made the course manageable as classes were Friday evenings and Saturdays. My background is in aircraft maintenance, the majority of my qualifications are of a technical nature.

This programme enhanced my qualifications and I believe the knowledge and experience gained will be of benefit in my current role and greatly enhance future career prospects. Spare time education and study can be challenging as it demands a certain amount of commitment to succeed but it is equally rewarding and satisfying. I found the Carlow lecturers and administrative staff always helpful, they made the course interesting, enjoyable and well worth the effort.

Barbara Keavey, Technical Consultant, KV TECH Consulting Ltd - I found the Certificate in Business in Technical Aircraft Management course to be most informative and enjoyable. The course structure and the ease of access to course notes through the Blackboard system allows flexible learning, and the Lecturers and Guest Lecturers delivered excellent sessions in all the modules. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to get involved in the leasing sector as it provides a good understanding of the many processes involved, from technical records to aircraft deliveries, maintenance contracts, negotiation, tax & legal requirements, lease agreements, and much more. A continuous stream of support and back-up was provided by the staff of (formerly) IT Carlow.

Pat Halpin, Technical Support Manager, AerCap - I found the Technical Aircraft Management Programme which is offered by (formerly) IT Carlow to be ideally suited to any individuals who are considering entering the Aircraft Leasing Industry or Airline Technical services sector. The Modules cover a broad range of relative subject matter and are delivered by Industry Professionals with a wealth of relative experience which ensures that all the latest, up to date and necessary information is imparted to the students. The guest speakers chosen by the College were industry professionals who provided an accurate, grounded and informative insight to the industry for those students considering a career change.

The scheduling of lectures and exams is suitable for the majority of working people and makes the process of completing the course both manageable and enjoyable which may encourage students to pursue further studies. Completing the Certificate Course qualification will be of assistance to people both in their current roles and will greatly enhance their future career opportunities.