Graduate Testimonials

Nigel Tobella, Station Officer, Fire HQ Newbridge, County Kildare - I initially viewed the BBS (Hons) Degree in Emergency Management with some scepticism, wondering how a part time course could add value to my 19 years of operational experience in the fire service. Within the first few weeks of attending the facilities of the National College of Ireland, & receiving expert lectures from The Carlow faculty, I realised that my initial thoughts were unfounded.   

The course offers a varied range of business & fire service related topics, spread throughout the 4 year program, adding an extra layer of knowledge to my operational experience.  Make no mistake, the level of commitment & dedication required will leave the learner without any doubt, that this is an exceptional Degree qualification.

I completed the Degree (Hons) course in 2017, graduating with First Class Honours, in November 2017. I firmly believe that this qualification greatly aided me in securing a promotional position within the fire service, which I believe, I would not have been able to achieve without it. I would whole heartedly recommend this course of study, for those wishing to progress their career in the fire service.

Martin McCabe, Station Officer, Finglas Fire Station - I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) in Emergency Services from (formerly) IT Carlow. It is difficult to sum up in a few line lines what the journey over the last four years has been, but in short it has been fantastic for a whole host of reasons and highly recommendable.

As a mature student I found the adaptation to studying a challenge in the beginning but as I progressed through the degree with the help of a first-class learning environment with excellent lecturers, library facilities (both on-site and on-line), and great help and support from the administrative staff, it got a lot easier. In addition it has been very enjoyable with great camaraderie amongst my fellow students who came from different walks of life.

The topics covered where very relevant to a contemporary fire service in Ireland which I found stimulating and worthwhile, and these new learnt skills I have been able to apply during the course of my daily working life.

Derek Cheevers. Acting District Officer. Dublin Fire Brigade HQ - The BBS (Hons) degree offered by (formerly) IT Carlow is an invaluable qualification for those operating in the often challenging environment of a modern day emergency service.  Aside from imparting key management theory to the student, it offers a bespoke qualification in terms of the specific subject matter that relates to the fire service. At all times throughout the process, I found the lecturers and staff of (formerly) IT Carlow to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone wishing to enhance their personal development and increase their effectiveness at the job they do.

Danny O’ Connor, Firefighter, Limerick City & County Fire and Rescue Service - I initially began the BBS Emergency Services Degree in September 2011 and graduated in 2015. I feel the range of topics covered by the programme has given me the necessary skills and insight required for a managerial role within the Fire and Rescue Service. A key benefit of the programme is the availability of lecturers who have vast practical experience in areas such as strategic management, health and safety management and organisational change to name but a few. In particular, modules in fire prevention, building control and the laws which underpin these areas are of crucial importance to the modern fire service. I would encourage any member of the service, regardless of rank, to sign up. 

William Maher, Station Officer, Donnybrook Fire Station - I undertook the Bachelor of Business Studies (Emergency Services) Degree through (formerly) IT Carlow in 2009 and graduated with an honours degree in 2013.  The subjects studied during this course are extremely relevant and beneficial to operating in a modern emergency service, delivered by first-class tutors who are always accommodating to student needs.  I would recommend that all emergency services personnel should consider this course to assist in providing the knowledge and skills necessary to meet today’s challenges in the workplace.

John Moody, Station Officer, East Region Control Centre, Operations and a graduate of the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Emergency Services 2013 commented that he found the overall content to be very wide ranging and the fire services element in particular was very relevant as it involves the legal aspects under the Fire Services Act. John also noted that the learning around building regulations and health and safety is fundamental to work in DFB and is covered comprehensively by the degree programme.

Terry Kearney, Brigade Training & Logistics Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade and a graduate of Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Emergency Services in 2012 emphasised that “deciding to go back to college as a mature student is a big decision." He commented that the combination of distance and on-site learning allows you the flexibility to study when it suits but also because you are meeting up with your lecturer/group on a monthly basis – this connection allows you a focused structure to learn and develop both personally and professionally. Terry commented that the (formerly) IT Carlow BBS Hons Degree has awakened his interest in education.

Michael O’Reilly, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade and a graduate of the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Emergency Services in 2012 reflected recently that as Assistant Chief Fire Officer of Dublin Fire Brigade with responsibility for Human Resources Management of up to a thousand employees, the Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Emergency Services has proven to be invaluable to him.  He commented that the degree provided him with the skills to develop Dublin Fire Brigade Officers into modern day managers and the tools required to deal with the emerging trends facing the public service today.  He highlighted that the degree has also provided him with the knowledge and confidence to address issues within the fire service while having an understanding of the macro environments that the public service operates in.  

Donal Petherbridge, DFB Acting District Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade HQ. and a graduate of the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Emergency Services in 2012 noted in a reflection of his time studying for his degree that as a first timer in higher level education there was a significant effort on his part to get to grips with the programme but that the benefits of the programme in general and from subjects studied such as Strategic Management and Strategic Logistics have provided him with valuable relevant skills which he has been able to apply in his daily work routine.