Lifelong Learning

SETU's Lifelong Learning Programme provides opportunities for adults to upgrade their skills and qualifications in line with current trends.

Accredited courses are offered in the areas of Business, Computing, Science, Engineering and Humanities.  Courses are available at the main campus at SETU Carlow as well as Wexford Campus, Wicklow County Campus, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow and An Cosán, Tallaght, Dublin. Customised programmes for industry are also available, for example, the BBS (Honours) Aviation & Transport and the BBS (Honours) Emergency Services are held in Dublin & Shannon. 





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Course Queries
I’m not sure what course I want to do. 

Our courses are listed by discipline on our website. See 

If you need additional guidance you can refer to our Career Advice for Adults or make an appointment with  your local Adult Education Guidance Service who have dedicated staff who offer career guidance. 

How can I find out what courses are available? 

We endeavour to make sure that our course listing is up to date on our website. Our courses are detailed by discipline on the SETU website –

What job will I get after I complete this course

Each course description will give guidance on the skills you will acquire after you have completed your course. 

Employment agency websites will often detail the qualifications you need for specific roles if you’re not sure what qualifications you need.

Alternatively contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our contact details can be found here.

What is the delivery mode of the course?

This depends on the course you choose. Delivery can be onsite, blended or online. The course page of the prospectus or online will detail the delivery mode of each course.

If you are unsure the contact details are on each page of the prospectus for who to contact.

How many days per week do I need to attend in person?

This depends on the course. The course page of the prospectus or relevant timetable will give more information.

Are classes recorded?

It is at the discretion of the individual lecturer to record their classes. Your course leader or lecturer will confirm when your course commences.

What days of the week are classes run?

This depends on the course. The course page of the prospectus or relevant timetable on the SETU website will give more information.

I have a general interest in Business/Humanities/IT what do you advise?

The courses we offer are divided by discipline in our prospectus. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact our Lifelong Learning staff. Our contact details can be found here. 

Is there a waitlist?

Places on courses are allocated on a first come basis so may fill quickly for courses in demand. Early application is advisable.

What are the eligibility for under 23’s?

All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis. Please refer to the course page for entry requirements.

Am I eligible for a Springboard programme?

Please refer to the Springboard+ website

Applicants must meet the academic/funding eligibility requirements for the course they are applying for.

Do I apply through CAO?

No. All part-time undergraduate and postgraduate certificate applicants apply directly to SETU via the website

Postgraduate major award applicants apply to SETU through

Springboard+ and HCI applicants apply through

See page 19 of the PT prospectus for full details on how to apply.

How do I apply?

Page 19 of the part-time prospectus gives full details on how to apply for a course.

What documents do I need to apply?

Each course page or application link will detail the documents required when applying.

If I don’t meet the entry requirements, what do I do?

Some courses will recognise prior learning. Contact details are on each page of the prospectus for who to contact if you have a query.

Is there an induction and is it mandatory? Is induction in person or online?

Inductions take place online. It is strongly recommended that students attend induction to familiarise themselves with the systems and processes in place for their course.

How will I be notified about course announcements?

All students will be contacted via their student email accounts in relation to official SETU communications.

How do I pay my fees?

For students undertaking a course at the Waterford Campus fees are paid online when you apply.

For students undertaking a course at the Carlow/Wicklow/Wexford campuses fees are paid online via the student portal. You will be sent a link when you are offered a place on your preferred course. 

Can I pay in part-payments?

Part-payments are accepted for some courses. Please contact the Lifelong Learning Office for further details. Our contact details can be found here.

How do I register for my course?

Students undertaking a course at the Waterford Campus will receive a student number and an invitation to attend induction via email. 

Students accepted onto a course at the Carlow/Wicklow/Wexford Campus will receive instructions for registration in the Offer Letter email that they receive.  

How do I get a student card?

Students will receive a link to apply for a student card.

Is there library training?

Yes. Library training is part of induction and students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Are there career services?

Career services are available for full-time and Springboard+ applicants. Unfortunately, there is no career service for part-time students.

Are there disability supports?

Yes. For students attending the Waterford Campus please contact the Disability Office.

For students attending the Carlow/Wexford/Wicklow Campus please contact the Lifelong Learning Office. 

Exams / Graduation
What are the assessments for this course?

Your Lecturer will give you full details on the assessments when your course commences. 

Where do I get the module descriptors?

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Lifelong Learning staff. Our contact details can be found here.

What are my learning outcomes for my programme?

Please refer to relevant course page / module descriptors on the website.

When are exams held?

This depends on the course. You will receive this information at induction or from your lecturers. The relevant exam dates will be released during the course of the academic year

When are results released?

This depends on the course. You will receive this information at induction or via email from the relevant LLL office.

Note: Results are available online once exam results are ratified. If fees are outstanding, results will be withheld.