Department of Science and Health Employability Statements

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Brewing and Distilling

The Brewing and Distilling honours degree programme at SETU Carlow was developed in order to provide a highly skilled graduate stream to support this booming sector. The programme works closely with industry to ensure that all graduates meet the requirements of employers both in the brewing and distilling and related ag-tech, industrial biology and biotechnology sectors but are also in a position to enter a research career, undertake further studies or start up their own venture. Central to the programme is a six month work placement module in year 3 and an individual, applied, capstone research project in the final year. The degree is one of only four programmes in the world to have achieved professional recognition from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and all graduates are all currently in full time employment.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals

Graduates from this programme are sought after by employers in the bioscience, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical science industries. Graduates have benefitted from extensive problem-solving laboratory experience, and have skills in bioanalysis, biotechnology, genetics, immunology and biopharmaceutical science. Work Placement is a key component of the programme, offering students to opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a work setting, while gaining further understandings and competencies, thus facilitating the transition into employment. Graduates have well-developed oral and written communication skills through teamwork and project presentations, are competent in research, data handling and data interpretation, and develop a positive resilience and change orientation through project management. Graduates of this programme play a vital role in an essential growth industry.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation

Graduates of this programme will have gained fundamental knowledge of how materials are combined in the manufacture of a pharmaceutical preparation; as such they have experience and training which are prized by employers. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the preparation of common dosage forms and the evaluation of the stability and quality of the finished product, as well as the development of assays for the extraction of the analyte and its analysis with common laboratory techniques such as HPLC, UV spectroscopy, fluorescence.

An intensive 4th-year project will allow students to work in-depth on a particular topic over a three-month period. Students will exercise a great level of independence in the pursuit of their project goals. In this way they will simulate similar development strategies in industry.

A three-month Industrial Placement is part of the programme. Students will be able to experience first-hand a manufacturing/development environment and develop core skills. They will have the opportunity to develop graduate attributes and working with current employees will become aware of the importance of teamwork in the workplace.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Graduates from this course are in demand from employers due to their ability to problem solve, identify the information required, to know where to find it, and once found, to discriminate good information from bad information. Our graduates have benefitted from hands-on experience in the assessment of human health and performance in the applied setting of our cutting edge Human Performance Laboratory. Graduates gain robust knowledge of physiology, biomechanics and psychology and ability to communicate effectively. To enhance employment based relevance of the programme, in addition to a work placement module, graduates gain competency in applying their knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary approach to improving health and performance through interaction with older adult, children/adolescent and athletic populations. Graduates are competent in researching, data handling, presentation and interpretation and providing an evidence-based means of improving health and performance. Graduates of this programme play a vital role in providing information and assistance for both prudent healthcare and improved human performance.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy

Graduates from this programme can work in a variety of settings, most typically in sports injury clinics, in the general workplace, with professional and recreational sports teams/athletes or with national governing bodies (NGB’s) of various sports. A unique aspect of this programme is the high level of hands-on, practical experience our graduates obtain during their four-year programme. This is due to the high practical components in the programme and their ability to carry out work experience in years 3 and 4 in our onsite clinic, as well as with college sports teams. Students also have a clinical placement in year 4, with many students undertaking the placement abroad in the USA, Australia and the UK. Upon graduation, the students are eligible for membership of Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI), which enables them to use the title ‘Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT)’. By becoming a member of ARTI, graduates are also eligible for membership of the World Federation of Athletic Therapy and Training (WFATT), allowing them to work in multiple countries around the world.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning programme produces graduates who have the knowledge to design safe and effective conditioning programmes and the communicative skills to coach athletes of all ages. Students gain hands on experience working with children and older adults to aid these special populations in developing their movement ability and conditioning, which may be necessary for health and sporting prowess. Work placement is a key component of the programme and provides the student with the opportunity to travel internationally where possible. Placement also provides an experience to understand how their skills and knowledge can be applied in a professional working environment. Students have many opportunities to acquire graduate attributes and employability skills throughout the programme by developing the ability to work as part of a team and through individual projects, which incorporate researching and presenting findings. Graduates have attributes that have empowered them to be effective Strength and Conditioning coaches either as an entrepreneur or as working for a professional sporting organization. 

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