Second Chance Maths Exam

Institute of Technology Carlow will hold a Mathematics examination for applicants who have applied through CAO for any of the following programmes that require certain minimum levels of performance in Mathematics.

Second Chance Maths Exam Programmes

CW906, CW917, CW926, CW908, CW938CW037, CW018, CW078, CW027, CW058, CW077CW578, CW547, CW728, CW707, CW006CW837CW848

The purpose of this exam is to provide applicants with a ‘second chance’ opportunity to achieve these minimum Mathematics entry requirements.

Attaining a qualifying standard in the IT Carlow Maths exam does not in itself guarantee a place on any course in IT Carlow. The cut-off points and normal eligibility criteria will still apply. The IT Carlow maths exam results count only with respect to explicit maths requirements. Offers are subject to available places following Round 2.

Upon application for the maths exam, it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they meet all other criteria for their chosen programme. The Institute will not check eligibility criteria until after the maths paper has been completed.

Second Chance Maths Exam Details

Friday, 10th September 2021 from 10am – 12. 30pm (on Campus)

The exam is 2.5 hours and is based on Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level. A pass in this paper (i.e. 40% or more) will allow an applicant to replace the Leaving Certificate Mathematics requirement of Grade 06/H7 minimum with a Grade 06/H7 minimum in another Leaving Certificate subject.

How it Works

The following table gives the equivalences in terms of entrance qualification levels between the ITC Maths exam and ITC’s Leaving Cert maths requirements:

Leaving Cert Maths Entrance Requirement  Equivalent Requirement in ITC Maths Exam
O1 90% +
O2 80 - 89%
O3 70 - 79%
O4 60 - 69%
O5 50 - 59%
O6 40 - 49%


Results will be emailed to you within 5 working days and eligible applicants will receive offers in the next Round of offers.

There is no charge for sitting this exam in 2021.

Past Exam Paper - September 2020

Past Exam Paper - September 2020 »

How to Apply

To apply to sit this exam please email with the following information:



CAO Number

Email address

Date of Birth