Registration, Induction & Fees

Online Registration For Continuing Students

Online registration is now open

All Full Time Undergraduate Continuing Students should register Online. The Student Contribution Fee for the Academic Year 2017/18 is €3,000.

Students who were in receipt of a SUSI award in 2016/17 will now see their liability for 2017/18.  You will be asked to confirm your SUSI number as part of Online Registration. You should complete Online Registration as normal, but when you arrive at the ‘Registration Confirmation’ page, you should choose the ‘Pay Later’ option. Once IT Carlow receives confirmation of your grant being awarded, this liability will then be reversed. However in the event your grant is not renewed, you will become liable for all outstanding fees.

The Student Contribution Fee for the Academic Year 2017/18 is €3,000. If you were not in receipt of a SUSI award in 2016/17, you may register online without payment by choosing the ‘Pay Later’ option when you arrive at the ‘Registration Confirmation’ page, however you should be aware of the following:

  • 50% of your fees must be paid by 31st October 2017.
  • All fees must be paid in full by 31st January 2018. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in your IT Carlow accounts being suspended and withdrawal of IT Carlow facilities.

Students who have exhausted their entitlement to free tuition fees are required to pay Tuition Fees as well as the Student Contribution charge. Students must pay their fees in line with the information above.

SUSI applications can also be made by those applying for a Taught Postgraduate Programme.

Card Collection for Students who have changed Programme

Students who have changed programmes can collect their new ID card, opposite the main reception, on Wednesday September 13th and Thursday September 14th, from 09.30am to 12.30pm and from 13.30pm to 16.30pm on both days.

ID Card Replacement

I have lost my student ID card. Where do I go to get a replacement?

There is a €25.00 replacement charge if a card is lost, damaged or stolen. To request a replacement card:

  • E-mail from your Institute e-mail account with a request for a replacement ID card.
  • No replacement student ID cards will be issued on a request from personal e-mail addresses.
  • You may be asked to verify your identity before a replacement card is issued.
  • Once your identity is verified, you will be advised to pay the charge. You may pay this charge through your Student Self Service account.
  • Login to Student Self Service; and choose the ‘Online Payments Option. Pay the replacement ID card charge of €25.00.
  • Your replacement ID card will be available for collection after 2:30pm the next working day after payment has been received.

Register Online Here

Online Registration for students who passed their summer exams is now open

All students are encouraged to use our Online Payment facility to make payments on a regular basis. i.e weekly or monthly.

Registration & Induction Dates First Year & Postgrad

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Carlow First Year Mature Registration Schedule »

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Wexford Campus First Year Registration »
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Induction Non-First Year Students

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Class Commencement Dates

Carlow Campus

  • Full-time courses commence for first years | Monday 11th September
  • Full-time courses commence for non-first years | Wednesday 13th September
  • Apprentice courses commence (Block1) | Monday 25th September
  • Information Day Exhibition will take place in the Barrow Centre | Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th September

Carlow Campus First Year Mature Student Registration Details

Will take place on the 4th September 2017. 

Wexford Campus Registration & Start of Classes

  • Full-time courses commence for first years | Monday 11th September
  • Full-time courses commence for non-first years | Wednesday 13th September

Wexford Campus Continuing Student Regustration »
Wexford Campus First Year Registration »

Registration FAQs

I have just accepted a place on a 1st year course. What happens next?

Registration information will be sent to all students in August which will outline details of the registration process. Students are required to complete both an online registration process and present at the Institute to complete formal registration. You will be required to attend in person on the day indicated on the published Registration Schedule which will be posted here the 1st of September.

What happens on registration day? 

You will be required to complete all documentation contained in your registration pack and submit it to staff. Once this documentation has been submitted you will be formally registered, have your photo taken and be issued with a student ID card. You will also receive details of student induction and your timetables.

What do I do if I am unavailable to attend on the day of registration? 

We will allow you to formally register on one of the other registration days. In the event that you are not available during registration week you should present yourself to the main reception desk soon as you start your course. We will officially register you, take your photo and issue you with a student ID card.

I have just completed repeat exams but the results won’t be released before classes commence. What do I do?

Repeat examination results will be released on September 13th at 12noon.
As soon as you receive your repeat examination results and providing you have passed and are eligible to progress to the next year, you can then register online and begin attending classes immediately.

What do I do if I want to defer my place? 

First year full time students who have been offered a place through the CAO system and want to defer must not accept their offer. You must write immediately to the Admissions Office outlining the reason(s) for your request and mark the envelope ‘Deferred Entry’. Go the ‘Deferral Procedure’ section on the CAO for further information You can also email your request to

Current registered students should complete the deferral form and submit it to the Admissions Office, Institute of Technology Carlow, Kilkenny Road, Carlow or e:

If I have studied at third level previously what fees do I pay?

You will need to download this form and have your previous third level provider complete the necessary information.  Once the form is complete please return to IT Carlow or bring to registration.

I have a medical card form/social welfare form that needs to be stamped. Where do I go? 

Such forms can be stamped in your Faculty Office once you have completed the registration process.

Fees - Undergraduate

Do I have to pay fees? 

All students are required to pay the Student Contribution Charge of €3,000 for 2017/18, unless awarded a grant by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) If you have received a letter confirming your grant eligibility from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI), you may be exempt from paying the student contribution charge of €3,000. In some cases SUSI may only award a percentage of the contribution charge making you liable to pay the balance. If you are liable to pay tuition fees (not eligible for free fees), SUSI may or may not pay these fees on your behalf, so it is very important you check this with SUSI. 

If I don’t qualify for a maintenance grant, what fees will I have to pay? 

If you do not qualify for a maintenance grant, you will be liable to pay the Student Contribution Charge. For academic year 2017/18 this is €3,000. The tuition element of your fees will probably be paid on your behalf, provided you are eligible under the ‘free fees scheme’ for Level 6, 7 and 8 programmes. For further information on fees log onto

More information on Registration & Tuition Fee Charges

Can I pay my fees in instalments?

An instalment option is available. Fee Payment Dates 2017/18
You can pay amounts off the balance as often as you like provided that you pay the required amounts by these dates. If paying varied amounts you must use the student charges option of the Online Payments System

What are the consequences of not paying the fees due by the specified dates above? 

Failure to adhere to these arrangements will result in your services being withdrawn including Institute PCs, Blackboard, Library facilities, examination results and possible restricted access to student services including gym membership and parking.

I am repeating and attending classes for some or all modules. What fees will I have to pay? 

If you are repeating and attending a full year of a programme, you are liable to pay full tuition fees and Student Contribution Charge for that programme. If you are repeating only some of a programme you will be liable to pay part of the tuition fees and Student Contribution Charge. In order to be considered to repeat a year you must download and complete a repeat & attend form which must be completed and submitted to the Head of Department for consideration. Fees will then be calculated before you complete registration.

If I decide to leave my course what should I do? 

If you decide to leave your course you must complete a Student Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Admissions Office along with your student ID card. This form is also available from the Admissions Office. 

Please be aware that if you withdraw after the 31st of October, there will be fee implications. You will have a fee liability to IT Carlow for the time you attended your course and should you return to 3rd level education in the future you may be liable for fees for the equivalent period of study. Future SUSI grant applications may also be affected.

Fees - Postgraduate Taught 2018/19

  1. €500 (PAC Deposit) must be paid to secure course place.
  2. The balance of 50% of total programme fee to be paid on or before registration date.  Further instructions will be sent to you following course acceptance.
  3. Full programme fees to be paid on or before 14th December 2018
    *If you have difficulty regarding point 3 above, please contact

Online Payments

IT Carlow is committed to providing flexible and efficient services to all students. In recognition of the current economic climate IT Carlow has introduced options to assist those students who are experiencing financial difficulties in paying their fees. You now have the following options when paying your fees:

Undergraduate Students

  1. Pay fees in instalments
  2. You can pay 50% of the fee due by 31st October 2017 and the remaining 50% by 31st January 2018. When you log into the payment area, if you are choosing this option, tick the box and enter the amount you wish to pay. Please don’t tick the current fees box.
  3. You can pay 100% of the fee due online

Student fees must be paid online using either credit, debit or laser cards.  Access our Payment link here

  • Note:  there may be a limit or restriction on the amount per transaction (this is not a daily limit) and therefore you may be required to complete two or more transactions to pay fees in full.
  • Students who do NOT pay the fee amount due by the deadline dates in option 2 above will face possible sanctions (see details above).
  • To make a payment you need your Student ID number (C00xxxxxx) and your password.

Postgraduate Taught 2018/19

  1. The balance of 50% of total programme fee to be paid on or before registration date.  Further instructions will be sent to you following course acceptance.
  2. Full programme fees to be paid on or before 14th December 2018
    *If you have difficulty regarding point 3 above, please contact

Online Registration

IT Carlow Online Registration Link