All students are required to pay the Student Contribution Fee of €3,000 in 2019/20. Students who feel their means allow can apply for a grant to assist with the payment of this fee and may also receive a maintenance payment. The Department of Education and Science funds student support schemes as follows: Means-tested grants are available from SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) in 2019/20.

Where to apply

All students entering a NEW course in 2019/20 should apply to the online application system by logging onto this includes students who are completing a Level 6/7 course and progressing with their students to a Level 7/8.

Students who are awarded Maintenance Grants will have the payments made to them directly by SUSI into the bank account designated by the student.

Continuing Students

Grants awarded under the student grant schemes are usually reviewed each year. If you held a SUSI student grant in 2018/19 and are continuing your studies on this course in the next academic year, you should login to with the username and password of your awarded grant application.

A Guide to Grant Assistance available under these schemes is available on the Department’s website at or  

Grant Rates for the 2019/20 Academic Year
  > 45 km from  SETU Carlow < 45 km from SETU Carlow
Full 100% Maintenance €3025 €1215
Part 75% Maintenance €2270 €910
Part 50% Maintenance €1515 €605
Part 25% Maintenance €755 €305
Special Rate of Maintenance Grant €5915 €2375
Fees only €0 €0