Exam Results

*** Important Notice regarding Accessing your Exam Results ***
The student self-service portal for Carlow/Wexford/Wicklow students has now changed over to SETU, so students who wish to log in to access their exam results must use @SETU.ie at the end of the student number.

Your SETU username is your StudentNumber@setu.ie (e.g. C99999999@setu.ie). 

Your current password will remain the same. 

You must access the student self-service portal using a Private/inCognito browser window. To do so, right click on the Exam Results link below and choose ‘Open link in InPrivate window’.  

(Further instructions on using private/incognito browser window can be found here: Instructions on how to use Private/inCognito browser window).

SETU Carlow Exam Results

If you cannot access the student self-service portal with your SETU username, please reset your password here, pinset-cw.setu.ie. Note, this will reset your password for both IT Carlow and SETU accounts.

If you experience any issues with resetting your password please contact the Carlow Campus IT Services helpdesk on itservices.cw@setu.ie. Please include your student number in all correspondence.