Smoke and Vape Free Campus

Smoking Policy

SETU's campuses in Carlow and Wexford have a no smoking and vaping policy operational throughout the whole of the campuses.

Smoking and Vaping Shelters Map

Smoking Shelters Map


More information on our Smokeless Campus

On Site Support for Smoking Cessation

Medical Centre and Students Union

  • GP visits
  • Prescription for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Prescriptions for Champix and Zyban (prescription only medication) which is a very effective medication for quitting smoking.
  • Free prescriptions with a GP visit, Medical Card or valid EHIC Card for all NRT products including Patches, Gum, Lozenges, Spray mist and Inhalers.
  • Nurse advice and support for smoking cessation.
  • Nurse advice regarding accessing free nationwide smoking cessation clinics
  • ‘Smokerlyser’ - This device is similar in style and use to a breathalyser and measures the level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in your blood. Measuring levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) via a ‘Smokerlyser’ can assist in smoking cessation. It provides a visual aid to motivate smokers to quit and improve their quality of life, as it demonstrates an almost immediate benefit to stopping smoking. For your convenience, this device can be accessed in the Students Union.
  • Literature: Information leaflets, booklets and packs on quitting /smoking cessation, available at the Medical Centre and in the Students Union.

QUIT.IE Help Line Numbers and Websites

Freephone: 1800 201 203
Freetext: QUIT TO 50100