There are many aspects to life in the University. College life is not just about academic work; there are clubs and societies to join and new friends to meet. It’s a time to expand your horizons, develop your talents and grow as a person (and have great fun along the way).

With that in mind, the Chaplaincy Service offers possibilities of exploring your spiritual side, developing your social and community awareness, making friends and facing the basic human question, what’s it all about? We don’t have all the answers, but we’re here to support you on the journey.

The University has a full time chaplain, Fr Martin Smith, who provides pastoral care for both students and staff of ALL faiths and NONE.

  • Martin is available each day in ROOM F103 in the Chaplaincy Area in the BARROW CENTRE (beside the Careers Service). Because of the current restrictions we would ask you to contact Martin by email at or on 059 917 5612 if you would like to arrange to meet. Outside of college time Fr Martin is available at 059 914 2632.
  • We also have a MULTI-FAITH ROOM in the Barrow Centre if you want to spend some quiet time in private prayer, meditation or reflection.
  • MASS is celebrated every day from 1.05 – 1.20 (15 mins) in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM. You’re welcome to join us. Following Covid-19 guidelines we would ask you to wear face covering while in the room.
  • MUSLIM PRAYER for women takes place daily in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM.
  • MUSLIM PRAYER for men takes place daily in the MULTI-FAITH ROOM.
  • Meditation takes place every morning from 08.45 – 09.00. Great way to start the day. If you are new to meditation we can introduce you to some meditation techniques.

Timetables for RELIGIOUS SERVICES and contact details of various MINISTERS OF RELIGION within the locality are also available from the Chaplain's Office

Mass times in the Kildare & Leighlin diocese