Postgraduate Opportunities

Professional Master of Education (PME)

Professional Master of Education (PME) is a Professional Qualification for Second Level Teaching (2 Year Level 9 Programme).

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Applying for Masters - Personal Statement Tips

Your personal statement is an opportunity to “sell” yourself.
Step 1: Checkout the closing date for applications
Step 2: Below are some questions to ask yourself when you are thinking of a course of study. How have and will these areas help you with your study choices and skills development.
  1. Why are you applying for this course?
  2. Do your research. Why are you interested in this subject/course/college?
  3. Have you spoken to or contacted the college/university that interests you?
  4. What Personal skills will help you?
  5. What skills did you develop through work experience, extracurricular activities and interests?
  6. Any personal experiences that can contribute?
  7. Write down your achievements.
  8. What are your career plans and how will this programme help you realise them?
  9. Any other considerations (financial, travel, online or not etc.,)
  10. Decide on your course of study and apply (be aware of closing date)
Suggested high level headings to include in a Personal Statement. Always keep to the word count allowed. You may have to complete a number of iterations before you are happy to send in your application. Read over the course content and relate back to this.
  • ABILITY – Highlight your academic ability and include your results and any academic achievements
  • SKILLS – Highlight your key skills. For example, good communication, interpersonal, team and that you are eager to work together and learn. Bring in work experience
  • INTERESTS – Outline that you have a strong interest in …, highlight your best subjects and what your future plans are i.e. what you can do with your degree.

If you would like support with your Personal Statement contact: