TOP TIP: Be well prepared, professional in dress and manner and show enthusiasm for the position which will increase your confidence on the day. 

Video Interview tips: In a Covid19 environment Hiring Managers will be using automated video interviews as well as online interviews. Check out key tips here » 

Interview Preperation

  • Know the Company - Study the company website, study annual reports, and news on company, so that you know what is going on in the organisation and/or industry sector. 
  • Know what the employer is looking for: study the job description. 
  • Know Yourself: What can you offer the company. Be fluently able to talk about your qualifications, skills and experiences with confidence. 
  • Review the most common interview questions so you can anticipate possible questions and be able to prepare some key points you would use in your answers.
  • Competency (Behavioural) Interviews/ Interview Questions:  Here you use your experiences and present specific real life examples to demonstrate your skills. Use the STAR model to answer these questions:
    • Situation - briefly describe the where/when/who of the example
    • Task - outline the task or objective (what you hoped to achieve)
    • Action - describe what you did - focus on your role and your input 
    • Result - what the outcome was and what skills you developed 
    • Prepare a couple of questions to ask at the end of the interview e.g. perhaps asking about opportunities for training and development. 

Learn from the Experience 

It is unlikely that you will be offered a position after every interview you attend. Don’t be downhearted; the interview is an opportunity to learn and improve your future performance. After the outcome of the interview, you can ask for feedback. 

How can we help?

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