Careers Management Programmes

The development of Career Management Skills is now considered to be important for students in Higher Education. The world of work has changed. The job for life has been replaced by more flexible patterns of work and career. Students need to be prepared to manage a career based on more frequent career transitions and more varied responsibilities and roles. In the new world of work security lies not in employment, but in employability. The Core Skills Careers Management Programme aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to manage their careers in the new world of work.

Careers Education Programmes are organised either in association with Academic Departments or on an open access basis.

• To help students to assess their own skills, interests and motivations and to apply this knowledge to the management of their careers
• To identify work skills sought by graduate recruiters in the new world of work
• To inform and encourage students to research career/further study options
• To prepare students to approach employers with the confidence and the skills necessary for graduate recruitment
• To help students develop career management skills that can be used in career transitions throughout their working lives

Core Modules
1. Boost your Career Prospects Make your Experience Count

2. What Next? Self-assessment and Researching your Options

3. Making Successful Applications (CVs/Application Forms and Covering Letters)

4. Performing Well at Interviews

Optional Modules
• Optional Modules tailored to the needs of students are available on request.

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