HEAR - Higher Education Access Route

Applicants to HEAR must in the first instance meet the SETU Carlow Minimum Course Entry Requirements plus any specific course requirements. Successful applicants get a 30 point reduction for their chosen course when the HEAR offers are made through the CAO at Round 1. 

If you get a HEAR reduced points offer this will appear as a regular offer online through the CAO. You will then receive a letter to inform you that you have received a HEAR offer and that if you accept the place you must register fully with the universities Access Office and attend the Access Office Orientation Programme, as these are part of the conditions of the HEAR offer.

SETU Carlow does not set place quotas for HEAR applicants, with the exception of the following courses: SE936, SE901 where a quota of 2 reduced points’ places per course apply and SE905, SE903 where a quota of 1 reduced points’ place per course apply.

Supports at SETU Carlow include: The provision of supports to HEAR Students:

  • An Orientation programme to introduce you to university
  • A Peer-mentoring programme to help facilitate your transition to university life
  • Extra financial assistance through the university's Student Assistance Fund
  • Information and referrals to other student support services in the university 

QQI-FE and Mature Applicants: HEAR Programme is for Leaving Certificate applicants only, however SETU Carlow will be maintaining it’s supplementary Access Route (Carlow Access Programme) for QQI-FE and Mature applicants, details here