Student Assistance Fund

How do I apply?

The link to the online form can be found below. However you should read these instructions before completing the form.



If you are seeking assistance for Rent, Childcare, Compulsory Work Placement or a Compulsory Trip Abroad please download the relevant forms by clicking the links. Complete the forms and upload them together with your SAF application Form

What documents do I need?

The following supporting documentation MUST accompany your application form.

Forms submitted without complete supporting documentation cannot be assessed.

Use this checklist as a guide.

  • Your up-to-date Bank statements for all bank accounts for the previous 3 months from date of application which must include your name, address and account number. Please upload statements for your current account which shows income from SUSI or other and also regular student related expenditure i.e. Rent, Travel
    Note: If you have transfers from your current account to other accounts e.g. Revolut please also upload 3 months statements for this account for the same time period
  • Please upload your SUSI Award letter pages showing your name, address and ‘assessed reckonable income’. The letter will also indicate the type of grant you receive and amount you will receive this year.


  • If you are NOT receiving a SUSI grant, do not yet know your grant status or are appealing your grant status you must submit documentary evidence of your income if you are a mature student*


  • Your family’s income such as Social Welfare Statements or P21 if you are not a mature student*
    *You are considered to be a Mature Student if you were 23 on or before 1st January of the year you commenced first year
Expenditure (The extra expenses that you incur because you are attending college)
  • You should also include proof of expenditure such as receipts for costs such as rent, childcare, transport etc. Laser card receipts which do not itemise purchases are not accepted.
  • Books and Material Receipts include: Any course related purchases such as text books, pens, folders, special clothing required for programme, excursions etc.
  • Transport receipts accepted include: Original bus/train tickets or itemised fuel receipts. THE SAF DOES NOT COVER CAR LOANS, MOTOR TAX, INSURANCE, REPAIRS, NCT, etc.
  • Rent Receipts accepted:
    • A Lease agreement which includes your name, the landlord’s name and the rental amount OR
    • Your rent book which includes your name, the landlord’s name and the rental amount OR

    • An official SAF 4 SETU CARLOW RENT RECEIPT FOR SAF. It is available HERE. Get it signed by your Landlord and upload it with your application. 

  • Living Expenses receipts accepted include: Utility bills such as Heating/lighting, mobile phone data plans etc.
  • Childcare Receipts accepted:
    • Childminding receipts from a registered provider of childcare are the only receipts accepted in this category. The receipt should be on headed paper and include your name and the weekly amount you pay.
    • Alternatively an official SAF 5 SETU CARLOW CHILDCARE RECEIPT FOR SAF is available HERE. Complete it, get it stamped by the childcare provider and upload it with your application.

  • Medical/Dental: Receipts accepted are for essential urgent treatment only and need to be recommended or certified by a registered practitioner.

  • Other - Receipts accepted will vary due to applicant circumstance (e.g. bereavement or other extenuating circumstances)

  • Compulsory Work Placement modules can place an additional financial cost for those on unpaid placements, you can access the official SAF 2 SETU CARLOW COMPLUSORY WORK PLACEMENT FORM FOR SAF HERE. Complete the form and upload it with your application.

  • Some programmed have Compulsory Field Trip Abroad as an integral part of their programme, you can access the official SAF 3 SETU CARLOW COMPLUSORY FIELD TRIP ABROAD FORM FOR SAF HERE. Complete the form and upload it with your application.
    Note: Students awarded SUSI Grants can apply for reasonably incurred public transport and accommodation costs directly associated with the field trip 

Is it con­fidential?

Yes, the SAF is administered on a strictly con­fidential basis. Any information you provide as part of your application is protected by data protection policies. To comply with reporting and audit requirements, institutions return data on participants in the SAF to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) but no names or addresses of students are provided as part of this data return.

When can I apply?

It is important to apply for funding as soon as you can within the deadline specified by the Institute.

Application form here: (Link here)

Please see below for further information about the SAF process and appeals

Process and Appeals

How are applications assessed?

Your individual circumstances and ­ financial means are taken into consideration when assessing your application for Student Assistance Funding. Final decisions on awards are taken by a small committee. You may be notified by email if you are required to meet with a member of the SAF Committee. You may also be asked to provide the name of a referee who would be willing to back up your claims. This should NOT be a member of your family or a student in the Institute, but should be aware of your circumstances and be willing to independently verify your situation.

If you feel that there is additional information that is relevant to your application but not included here and you wish to discuss it confidentially with a member of the committee please contact the Student Services Office.

If you need help completing the application form please contact the Student Services Office.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email to your student email account e.g.

What are the award amounts?

There are limited funds available so the SAF committee will prioritise those who are most in need and not every request for funding can be met.

Can I appeal the decision?

If you wish to appeal the committee decision on the basis that you have revised or new information that was not taken into account, please submit your appeal, using the SAF 6 Appeal Form, outlining the reason for your appeal and any supporting documentation that you feel may support your appeal to the Student Services Officer within 5 working days. The SAF 6 Appeal Form is available HERE.

Advice on Money and Budgeting

There are some very useful services you can use to help you with any money difficulties you are experiencing, for example: MABS (Money Advice and Budgeting Service): If you need help with your finances you can contact MABS. The service is free. 

Carlow MABS
Carlow MABS
72D Tullow Street, Carlow, 
R93 ED82
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Tel: 0818 07 2070

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm
This website is a user-friendly source of information on financial support for further and higher education.  

Wexford MABS
Wexford MABS
98/100 South Main Street, Stonebridge
Y35 EY05
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Tel: 0818 07 2080

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9am-12.45pm & 1.45pm-5pm 
(closed for lunch)
This website is a user-friendly source of information on financial support for further and higher education.  

Student Assistance Fund Committee

To contact the SAF committee, please email