DARE - Disability Access Route to Education

Applicants to DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) must meet SETU Carlow's Minimum Course Entry Requirements plus any specific course requirements. Applicants are then considered for places when they are within a 10 % range of the cut off point at the time when the DARE offers are made through the CAO.

Please note students with sensory disabilities (such as visual or hearing impairments) and students with physical disabilities will be prioritised when allocating DARE places.

DARE reduced points and own merit offers are made through CAO and are in round 1 and sometimes in round 2 if there are places still available.

If you get a DARE reduced points offer this will appear as a regular offer online through the CAO. You will then receive a letter to inform you that you have received a DARE offer and that if you accept the place you must register fully with the Access Office and attend the Access Office Orientation Programme as these are part of the conditions of your DARE offer.

SETU Carlow does not set place quotas for DARE applicants, with the exception of the following courses: CW106, CW188, where a quota of 2 reduced points’ places per course apply and CW138, CW148 where a quota of 1 reduced points’ place per course apply.

For more information please visit DARE website.