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The Access Office operates a confidential and professional service to encourage and support prospective students and current full time students to engage and participate fully in student life at South East Technological University.

Access Services

SETU Carlow Laptop Loan Scheme

SETU Carlow operates a scheme for the long-term loan of laptops. Funded by the Government of Ireland, the Laptop Loan Scheme is aimed at supporting disadvantaged students to access laptops for academic work amd  learning. In accordance with Government guidelines, eligibility criteria applies, and priority will be given to students from specific target groups. Funding is also available to eligible students through a means tested application to the Student Assistance Fund to help with costs associated with internet connectivity.

Applications to the Scheme are now open for the 2023/24 Academic Year, applications will be assessed and laptops will be issued to successful applicants to the Scheme by email notification. Please check your student email regularly for updates about the Laptop Loan Scheme.

If you are a registered student who has previously been allocated a laptop from the Laptop Loan Scheme and require it to continue your study programme at SETU Carlow, then you are permitted to retain the equipment for the 2023/24 academic year.

Laptop Loan Scheme

Who is eligible to apply for a laptop loan?

Students will be advised of how to apply once they commence their course of study at SETU Carlow.  All registered students, both full-time and part-time, studying on a programme of not less than one year in duration leading to a major award and who do not have access to a laptop can apply. In accordance with Government guidelines, priority will be given to the following:

  • Students who are experiencing socio-economic barriers
  • First-time mature students on low incomes
  • Students with documented disabilities
  • Lone parents
  • Students who are from an ethnic minority
  • Students who are members of the Traveller or Roma communities
Who is not eligible?
  • Persons who are not normally resident in Ireland or the EU are not eligible for the Laptop Loan Scheme. Students who are not taking a programme which is leading to a full SETU Carlow award (e.g. those taking single modules only) are not eligible for the Laptop Loan Scheme.
Documentation Required

Applicants will be required to provide evidence of their SUSI grant or means-tested social welfare payment to prove eligibility, or be registered with the University’s Access Office as having a disability.