Student Induction takes place during your first year in IT Carlow. During this week you will be introduced to your lecturers, programme content and meet with Student Support Services as well as meeting your classmates. During this week don’t be afraid to ask questions, there will be student volunteers on hand to help you settle into college life. Your induction schedule will be available below in the coming days.

Registration and Induction will take place from September 4th to 6th inclusive for Science, Computing and Engineering.

Registration and Induction will take place from September 5th to 6th inclusive for Business, SMM, and Humanities.

1st Year Registration and Induction Schedule

1st Year Induction Schedule
Science - September 4th to 6th  
Computing - September 4th to 6th  
Engineering - September 4th to 6th  
Business - September 5th to 6th  
Humanities - September 5th to 6th  
SMM - September 5th to 6th  


A full schedule of events for the first week is available by clicking here »

We look forward to welcoming you this September.