Eurostudent Survey 2019

The Eurostudent Survey collects and analyses comparable data in higher education institutions all across Europe. A wide range of topics are covered related to the students' social and economic conditions. 

The Eurostudent Survey also aims to provide high quality comparisions across many different European countries that will be both reliable and insightful. It does this through by having a central coordination approach with a strong network of national partners in each participating country. This way, an international comparison to each countries frameworks can be made.

If you are an Institute of Technology Carlow student, please take a few minutes to complete the Eurostudent Survey. The link to the survey will be emailed to you via your student email.

Who will benefit from the Eurostudent Survey?

The Eurostudent Survey aims to benefit different target groups including:

  • Policy-makers at European and National Levels
  • Researchers across Europe
  • Students in the EHEA and the General Public