Wexford Campus Graduates


Annette Murphy
Applied Social Studies - Professional Social Care

The course gave me the underlying knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of social care work. The lecturers were extremely understanding and supportive. It greatly increased my knowledge and awareness of professionalism in social care. This course enhanced my life, educationally, personally and professionally.

I currently work as a Programme Facilitator at RehabCare, a community-based resource centre that assists and supports people with disabilities to achieve their full potential and a better quality of life. In my current role as Programmes Facilitator with RehabCare, my key duties include: assistance with delivery of quality person-centred programmes; comfort and care of service users; ensuring all interaction with service users is approached in a sensitive manner and with dignity and respect; encouraging service users to respond to everyday activities and to take responsibility for what they do according to their capabilities; participation in the provision of a quality and continuously improving service to the service user(s).

The course played a pivotal role in increasing my knowledge, self-esteem and confidence. The knowledge I acquired enhanced my own development. It provided me with a broader understanding in the areas of law, psychology and sociology and helped me discover my creative side. It has enabled me to cover additional duties and responsibilities relating to supervision and management. 

I was very apprehensive starting out in my first year and did not have much confidence in my academic ability. Perseverance prevailed and with the enormous support and encouragement I received from my new found friends, fellow students, lecturers, work colleagues, employer and family I graduated in 2011 – a proud day for me and my family. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to return to education at IT Carlow, Wexford Campus where they welcome and embrace all age groups. One is never too old. I should know - I graduated with my degree aged 50 plus.   

Jessica Rowden
Visual Communication & Design

I studied a combination of visual design (web design, graphic design and typography) and business modules (marketing, advertising, digital marketing and entrepreneurship).

I am currently working as Marketing Assistant with Tourism Ireland. The purpose of my role is to market the island of Ireland internationally to Australian consumers. I have worked on several projects, including sales and marketing, public relations, trade opportunities and e-marketing.

The course provided me with an excellent all-round understanding of all aspects of communication and was particularly strong in the practical skills development, enabling me to quickly find a role that I love.  


Ultan Quirke

I really liked the relatively small class sizes and the excellent teaching staff. The variety of subjects that were included in the course gave me a really wide range of skills and technical knowledge relevant to many different areas of business. When deciding the first steps of my graduate career, I had a variety of possible directions open to me.

I’ve been working as a trainee accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for the last 18 months. PwC are the largest professional services firm in Ireland, and are part of an international network of firms with more than 180,000 employees across 158 countries. I work in the assurance practice in our Wexford office. My work mainly consists of financial statement audits for a range of clients, both large and small, but also contains elements including financial statement preparation and providing assurance over grant applications for clients. The contract allows me to gain experience working with a range of clients and the opportunity to qualify as a chartered accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Qualification as a Chartered Accountant along with the experience gained with PwC has the potential to open up a range of opportunities for me to develop my career across a variety of industries.

The course prepared me for my current job in a range of different ways. Many of the subjects that I studied at IT Carlow provided me with technical knowledge and skills that are relevant for my job on a daily basis and for the exams that I’m sitting as I work towards qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. The IT skills that I developed during the programme, especially my proficiency in Microsoft Excel, are key to my performance. The vast majority of my work is Excel-based, and this is a common requirement throughout the world of accounting and finance. The communication and inter-personal skills I acquired during my time at IT Carlow are hugely beneficial, as my job involves communicating with clients on a daily basis.
My time at the Wexford Campus was very special. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had made it an unforgettable experience.