Science & Health Graduates


Stephen Smith
Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy

The structure, content and focus of the course was very well balanced and gave me a strong foundation of knowledge to allow me to begin my career. The quality of lecturers and practitioners were of the highest caliber and ensured as students we not only had the educational underpinning but were able to translate that knowledge to practical application. Alongside this, the level of detail and high standards that were expected ensured that as a student I gained maximum value and was ready for life as a professional.

Following Carlow, I went on to work with Leinster Rugby for nearly eight years. Whilst working with Leinster I conducted my masters research investigating combined risk factors as predictors of athletic injury and subsequently founded Kitman Labs. Kitman Labs is a sport science technology company helping elite sports teams use data and analytics to reduce injury risk and improve performance. We are currently working with some of the biggest brands in professional sport from across the globe including NFL,NBA, MLB teams as well as all of our own home grown Irish rugby teams. I am incredibly proud to be the founder and CEO of an Irish company changing the world of sport.

The programme at Carlow assembled the building blocks of my professional career. The course gave me a well rounded and holistic knowledge that allowed me to understand what aspect of sport science and medicine I had a true passion for. This allowed me to fine tune my skills to an area that excited me and I was passionate about. The level of dedication and interaction with the lecturing team at Carlow provided me with more than just an education, it provided me with an understanding and a skillset that has shaped my professional career. I will never forget the amazing time I spent in Carlow. 

Jack Phelan
Strength and Conditioning

I would say the thing I liked most about the course was how multi-faceted it was. It gave me an in-depth insight into so many disciplines of sport science, which then allowed me to choose which area I wanted to specialise in, which was strength and conditioning.
I am currently the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the senior team at the Dragons Rugby Club in Wales. This involves designing and running weights and conditioning programmes for all senior players. In addition to this, I have to monitor running loads with the help of our GPS analyst, track our weights progressions and work alongside our physio department to make sure our ‘Return to Play’ athletes are getting the correct amount of progressive loading to ensure they are in a good position to re-join the main group post injury.
The three biggest things for me were the class presentations, the coaching and the group work at Carlow. Presenting in front of large groups was great for my confidence and something I now have to do every day. Running speed sessions, weights sessions and multi-sport sessions for my class taught me how to control a group and gave me great coaching cues that I still use today. The group work was a great way to learn how to work with people towards the same goal which is essentially what I now have to do every day with my team.


Maria Kehoe

I found the lecturers excellent, very professional, approachable and encouraging. The lecturers love what they do and, as a result, are passionate about their professions. The oneto- one support lecturers offer is exceptional and continue after the student graduates in the form of advice with professional decisions if required.
The science courses at (formerly) Institute of Technology Carlow ensured I made friends for life. It has many advantages over other courses. You spend at least 12 hours per week in a practical setting with your colleagues. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked into the college and I would be delighted to recommend this course to any potential students.
I am working in EirGen Pharma in Waterford as a Graduate Analytical Development Chemist.
Looking back at my time in the college I can see numerous advantages to studying science at Carlow. There are many aspects throughout my four years that have helped prepare me for my current job. The practical classes give students many invaluable skills such as working as a group, the ability to problem solve and think quick, work under pressure and efficiently manage one’s time. Individual analytical projects allow students to explore their own ideas and have fun in the lab whilst continuously learning.
I found my work placement a huge advantage to me because it gave me confidence in my own ability and motivated me to reach my full potential.

Fiona Hill
Physiology and Health Science

From the beginning, I loved the enthusiastic lecturers and their lectures! They have made a lasting impression on me and set the bar high for other educational institutes to reach. I knew I was going to apply to UCAS to gain entry into a physiotherapy course after graduation. The Head of the Department played a vital role in getting me accepted onto the course and I can never thank her enough. The course is very practical which I really enjoyed. The access to sports science equipment for practical classes was secondto- none. I have not come across such easy access to sports science technology since. From VO2max testing to blood lactate testing, and everything in between, you’ll never get bored. You’ve to work hard during the course but hard work pays off in the end!
After graduating from Carlow I got accepted into Ulster University to complete my physiotherapy degree. I qualified as a Charted Physiotherapist (BSc Hons Physiotherapy) in 2015. Since qualifying I’ve worked exclusively in private practice physiotherapy. I’ve gone on to complete my post graduate training in dry needling and I’m a STOTT trained Pilates instructor. In the last year I’ve moved to Auckland in New Zealand where I’m continuing my work in private practice physiotherapy. My work at present involves me running my full time clinical diary while teaching Pilates to a range of clients from athletes recovering from injuries to antenatal Pilates. I’ve plans to complete a Masters in Sports Medicine next.
Study at Carlow set me up for my current career in more ways than I ever through were possible. The in-depth lectures in anatomy, exercises physiology, pathology of injuries and research methods helped me immensely when I began my physiotherapy degree. The course is very practical and hands-on which is what physiotherapy is all about. If it wasn’t for the Higher Certificate in Physiology and Health Science, I doubt I would be the other side of the world right now doing what I love on a daily basis.



Brian Gleeson
3rd Year Brewing and Distilling Student

Just when I made the decision to go back to college as a mature student,  Carlow had just launched the new Brewing and Distilling degree. Growing up, I always had an interest in science and as home brewing was a big hobby of mine, the course was the perfect match for me to combine my two big passions. I was delighted when I got my place on the course.
I find it really interesting learning about the scientific side of brewing; areas such as the biology of the yeast cell and the metabolic pathways of flavour compounds in certain conditions are really interesting. I love joining the dots and bringing the scientific knowledge gained in the lab back to my home brewing.
I find it really interesting learning about the scientific side of brewing; areas such as the biology of the yeast cell and the metabolic pathways of flavour compounds in certain conditions are really interesting. I love joining the dots and bringing the scientific knowledge gained in the lab back to my home brewing. 
I hope to continue my studies and do an MSc in Carlow and I would like to work in the Irish Whiskey industry after this as it has been a major area of growth in Ireland and this is expected to continue.

Richard Lally
Bioscience with Biopharmaceuticals

I pursued a Higher Degree in Bioscience with Biopharmaceuticals as I found science in secondary school both exciting and promising. After reading about the course offered in Carlow, I realised it could offer me an education in an area I had a great interest in, the biological sciences.

I enjoyed the day to day structure of the lectures and laboratory practicals. In the college the practicals and course theory coincide. This is a very enjoyable way to learn as you get to practice what you have covered in the lecturing sessions. The opportunity to use state-of-the-art high tech scientific instruments was also a favourable aspect to the course.

Upon completing my undergraduate Level 8 Degree I decided to further my education by pursuing a Level 10 PhD degree through research here in Carlow. The progressive nature of the undergraduate degree programme enabled me to take on a research project. I am, as part of the project, researching plant growth-promoting bacteria.

I have really enjoyed my time here in Carlow. Every year has presented itself with a world of different opportunities to involve myself in various clubs and societies, meet new people and make lifelong friends. Carlow Students’ Union and each department work hard to ensure that not only a high level of education is provided for each student in Carlow but also that the student has an exciting, memorable experience here in the college.

Richard Lally, from Prosperous, Co. Kildare won the world’s largest agriscience competition - the Alltech Young Scientist Graduate Award 2016 – landing a $10,000 prize and a two-year fully funded postdoctoral contract with global biotechnology company Alltech. Richard Lally who is a doctoral postgraduate student at Institute of Technology Carlow’s EnviroCORE (Bioenvironmental Technologies Centre of Research and Enterprise), scooped the top award of Alltech Young Scientist Graduate. The competition took place at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference in Kentucky, USA. Earlier this year, Richard beat hundreds of other postgraduate students to become Regional Winner for Europe/Africa in the graduate category of Alltech’s Young Scientist Competition 2016.