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It's one thing reading the prospectus or studying course details but you only really get a feel for a course by talking to a former student. Why not get the low down on some of our courses by reading what our graduates have to say.

Graduate Profiles

Department of the Built Environment

Clare Dowling - Civil Engineering

The course has a broad range of subjects with a practical approach including lectures on engineering principles, laboratory classes, fieldwork and design. The lecturers are very encouraging and easy to approach. 

I am employed as a Structural Engineer (a sub-discipline of civil engineering) with Carlow Precast, a large concrete manufacturer. I’m responsible for the design of large precast concrete elements for structures and large infrastructure projects. This is a highly competitive market and by optimising design techniques, Carlow Precast have developed a large and growing client list in Ireland and beyond. I developed communications, teamwork and management skills in this course which are transferable ........

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Department of Science & Health

Stephen Smith - Sport Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy 
The structure, content and focus of the course was very well balanced and gave me a strong foundation of knowledge to allow me to begin my career. The quality of lecturers and practitioners were of the highest calibre and ensured as students we not only had the educational underpinning but were able to translate that knowledge to practical application. Alongside this, the level of detail and high standards that were expected ensured that as a student I gained maximum value and was ready for life as a professional.

Following Carlow, I went on to work with Leinster Rugby for nearly eight years. Whilst working with Leinster I conducted my masters research investigating combined risk factors as predictors of athletic injury and subsequently founded Kitman Labs. Kitman Labs is a sport science technology company helping elite sports teams use data and analytics to reduce injury risk and improve performance. We are currently working with some of the biggest brands in professional sport from across the globe including NFL,NBA, MLB teams as well as all of our own home grown Irish rugby teams. I am incredibly proud to be the founder and CEO of an Irish company changing the world of sport.........

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Department of the Business & Humanities

Eimear Walsh - Marketing Communications Manager, SKODA, VW Group
BBS in Marketing
The course provided me with a mixture of theory and hands on practical experiences which really helped me further my career. My time at IT Carlow gave me the experience and confidence to fast track my career and to work in an industry I love.

Following my graduation from IT Carlow, I worked in the motor industry for Renault Ireland, as advertising and communications executive where I managed through the line campaigns and went on to be promoted to Digital and CRM Manager. During this time I managed the launch of a new car brand, Dacia, which was the first car to be launched digitally in Ireland, exceeding all expectations and KPIs. Today I work for Volkswagen Group Ireland .........

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Department of Computing & Networking

Ray Shannon
The course provided me with a wide and varied curriculum at a high standard and I was able to determine my preferred area of IT. With a high concentration of practical labs and projects, I obtained great confidence in development and have a positive approach to any challenge that faces me today.

As a graduate of IT Carlow I was able to gain employment at UNUM Ireland as a Software Engineer. My current role exposes me to the latest technologies and design principles in software development. I am currently working on data intake applications which enable customers to enrol for their annual premium subscriptions, a multi-billion dollar sector of our business. I am also part of a team that creates and suggest new support tools and application improvements to ensure we are keeping up with and taking the lead in the insurance ......
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Postgraduate Studies

Mary Jo Hurley - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals

Postgraduate Study Supervisors: Dr. Dina Brazil and Dr. Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte

Project title: Interactions between entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) and bacterial endophytes isolated from bioenergy crops.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals from IT Carlow in 2011. Subsequently, I completed a 3 month work placement with Teagasc at Oak Park working as a research assistant. This provided a good foundation for future research. Furthering my education to MSc or PhD level was always an option I had considered and the IT Carlow Postgraduate Research Scholarship Programme provided an additional support to undertake a master programme. My research project is part of a collaboration between Dr Dina Brazil, from the Biotechnology and Molecular Environmental Science Group and Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte, from the Molecular Ecology and Nematode Research Group, both members of EnviroCORE...


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