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Welcome to South East Technological University Carlow Campus, Clubs and Societies page. With over 65 Clubs and Societies available, we provide a wide variety of sports clubs and participation opportunities for our part- time and full-time students through Fun, Physical Activity and Health & Wellbeing activities. Students can find a vast array of exciting student clubs and societies which cater for a broad range of interests.

Clubs and Societies play an important role in the social and cultural development of students. Joining a club or society at the Carlow Campus, provides students with the opportunity to meet individuals with similar interests, while taking a break from study.

Here at South East Technological University Carlow Campus the importance of sport is deep routed in our University’s short history.  We believe sport has the ability to empower people through health and well-being, whilst teaching instrumental life skills of communication, teamwork, respect, ambition and discipline. Professional coaches are on hand to help develop new skills, for both our competitive and recreational clubs. 

Recreational sport provides a source of enjoyment and opportunities to mingle and form new friendships outside of the classroom.

Not interested in competing, but would like to stay active and meet new people? Why not try some of our recreational activities such as Zumba, Pilates, Hip Hop or Yoga. If you are interested in a more competitive, niche club, Archery and Karting are two of our most popular clubs and meet frequently to practice. Contact the Sports Office by email if you require further information

Societies give students an opportunity to experience many different things and meet new people. It is very easy to get involved. All you have to do is sign up using the link above. With over 25 societies on offer, you can choose from a vast array of activities including: African Caribbean Soc., Christian Union, Cultural Shake-Up, DJ Society, Euroavia, Engineers without Borders, LGBTQ+, Law Society, Music & Band, Table Top Gaming Soc., and more. Also, if you have an interest in an area not catered for currently, we will work with you to help you start up a new society. You can register your interest on the link below.

Information on Clubs and Societies Contact:
Sports Clubs and Activities

Sports Office
Tel: 059 9175608

Chaplain Fr. Martin Smith
Tel: 059 9175612

Setting up a new Club or Society
To form a new Club or Society simply complete the application form available in the Sport’s Office.
Any queries can be directed to

New Club or Society Application Form Click Here »

Contact Us
Sport’s Office: 059 9175617 / 059 9175608
Chaplains Office (Head of Societies): 059 9175612
Students Union: 059 9175620