Carlow Town & County

Carlow is located in the south east of Ireland, approximately 80km from Dublin. Carlow town is a thriving market and industrial centre located in the south east of Ireland. An ancient town with an impressive historical pedigree, Carlow boasts a celebrated arts and crafts community allied to a rich tradition of Irish language and culture. A youthful town, Carlow contains a large student population stemming from the local Institute of Technology. In addition to these important influences, Carlow offers an extensive and impressive range of shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Local History

The modern name Carlow is derived from the old Irish place name Ceatharloch, meaning 'four lakes'.  Visitors to the area can enjoy its many pre-historic sites, castles, churches and monastic buildings and routes.  Learn more about the South East of Ireland's cultural and scenic attractions, history and night life in this video from Failte Ireland.

For more information about Carlow take a look at the Carlow Tourism Website