Aligned with the objectives outlined in the government’s Climate Act 2021, SETU is committed to making significant strides in combatting climate change.

Our objective is not only to meet but surpass the 2030 national target of achieving a 50% improvement in energy efficiency, a 51% reduction in energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and a 51% reduction in thermal (heating and transport) related greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2020, we not only accomplished but surpassed the National Energy Efficiency target of 33%. Comparing our achievements to the baseline established between 2006-2008, we achieved an outstanding 58.1% energy efficiency saving in 2020, surpassing the national target by a remarkable 25.1%.

These results are the outcome of our continuous commitment to energy management, which has been evident through numerous infrastructural projects we have undertaken over the last number of years, including LED retrofitting, insulation upgrades, building fabric and glazing enhancements.

Read the SETU Climate Action Plan here »

SETU is part of the OPW’s Optimising Power @ Work Campaign. The core principle of the Optimising Power @Work is to work with staff and students to encourage behavioural change regarding energy usage, with the overall aim of identifying and eliminating waste

We engage staff and Students through: 

  • Energy Awareness Days
  • Energy Awareness talk
  • Workshops for Department Working Groups
  • Green Team Meeting

Please see links below to access our informative “Optimising Power @ Work” webinars, for valuable home energy saving tips. These webinars have been specifically designed to share advice, best practices, and innovative approaches to make your home energy-efficient. From simple energy saving tips to more significant upgrades, you will discover options to enhance your home energy efficiency.

From simple energy saving tips to more significant upgrades, you will discover options to enhance your home energy efficiency.


Uncovering their potential: Find out more about the potential of radiators, the different types, what works best where and some very important safety information. 

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Master of Controls: find the sweet spot
Master of Controls – find the sweet spot
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Energy Efficient Lights

Find out how to light your way to saving energy, money and helping the environment using energy efficient bulbs.
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Heat Pumps, Solar Panels and Wind Power

Discover more about heat pumps, solar panels and wind power, and find out if this technology is right for you.

Enlightening solar photovoltaic

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