SETU boasts a rich and diverse ecosystem, with an abundance of biodiversity thriving within our campuses. We have a vast expanse of open green areas including a large number of meadows designed to support and foster biodiversity. The vibrant flowerbeds and scrubs attract various pollinators and the diverse range of trees and well-maintained hedging create habitats for wildlife.

Meadow Grass

One of the best and most successful ways to promote biodiversity is to allow some grass areas to grow to natural meadow grass length, creating spaces where pollinators can thrive. Further, meadow grass can provide space where outdoor learning opportunities can take place and where health and wellbeing can be enhanced.

The South East Technological University is now a proud member of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Swift Nesting Boxes

SETU is committed to encouraging wild-life friendly campus environment. In 2022, we installed two Swift bird boxes, each featuring three nest holes, on the Carpentry and Joinery Building on the Carlow Campus. We are delighted to share that this year, observations revealed that these nesting boxes have been successfully occupied.

The swift is on the Red list of birds of conservation concern in Ireland because its population has declined by over 40% in the last 15 years. We will be installing more Swift nesting boxes as by providing safe and suitable habitats for Swifts, we contribute to the conservation of the magnificent birds.

Carbon Sequestration

Trees are incredibly efficient carbon sequester, playing a vital role in combating climate change. At SETU, we have taken significant strides in expanding our tree population to increase our carbon sequestration efforts.

To enhance our environmental impact, we undertook a substantial tree planting scheme on the South Sports Campus. We planted 115 semimature trees and a further 21,350 bare root trees, which care capable of absorbing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Looking ahead, we have an extensive planting plan for our new Corporate Services Building, we aim to integrate lush greenery and a diverse array of trees into the building's landscape.

By strategically incorporating trees into our campus design and taking a proactive approach to reforestation, we are proactively embracing our responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations. These trees not only serve as carbon sinks but also support biodiversity, offer habitat to various species, and improve air quality.

To mitigate adverse effects on the environment, particularly concerning the destruction and fragmentation of habitats, as well as the potential endangerment of animals, we have implemented a policy to refrain from clearing vegetation, including the cutting of hedges and trees, during the bird breeding season

This responsible approach ensures that we prioritize the well-being of our wildlife, allowing them to thrive in their natural habitats without unnecessary disruption. By avoiding clearance activities during this critical period, we actively support the preservation of biodiversity and contribute to the protection of vulnerable species that depend on these habitats for breeding and nesting.