Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Mission of Institute of Technology Carlow to Engage, Learn, Innovate and Lead.

Our Vision

The Vision of Institute of Technology Carlow is to be a Leading European Technological University: Inspiring Individuals - Transforming Society.

Our Strategy

In designing our strategy for 2023, we have drawn on our culture, history, strengths and sense of place regionally and globally. We have built the plan on the success of our 2014-2018 Strategic Goals, informed by societal, economic, demographic, environmental and national policy and have involved all of our learners, staff and stakeholders in the planning process.

Our Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 is built around five strategic priorities, each of which includes a number of high-level goals and key actions as well as a 2023 target.

  1. Our Learners
    We will exemplify excellence in education and student life, provide opportunity, engage with all our learners and support them in their development as confident global citizens.
  2. Our Research
    We will build on our success in knowledge development, grow our research capacity, increase our collaborations and impact, and broaden our disciplines and funding streams.
  3. Our Engagement
    We will expand our local, regional, national and global partnerships, lead in knowledge creation and application, enterprise creation and socio economic development.
  4. Our Campus Community
    We will support our community by strengthening our culture of inclusivity, demonstrating excellence in leadership and governance, developing our physical and virtual infrasturcture, and by restructuring our organisation for further growth.
  5. Our Sustainable Development
    We will educate for sustainable development locally, nationally and globally, and we will lead by example.