The South East Technological University Carlow Campus is home to a significant amount of biodiversity including, large open green areas, shrubs, trees and bedding.

Meadow Grass

One of the best and most successful ways to promote biodiversity is to allow some grass areas to grow to natural meadow grass length, creating spaces where pollinators can thrive. Further meadow grass areas provide space where outdoor learning opportunities can take place and where health and wellbeing can be enhanced.

The South East Technological University is now a proud member of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Nesting Boxes

We are committed to encouraging wildlife on campus, Swift bird boxes with 3 nest holes in each were installed on the apprentice building in April 2022 and further bird boxes will be built into the new Administration Building which is due for Completion in the summer 2023.


Carbon Sequestration

Trees are excellent sequesters of carbon, we planted 115 semi mature trees and a further 21,350 bare root trees on this site number of trees in the recently completed South East Campus.


Vegetation Clearance

Clearance of vegetation such as cutting hedges and trees will be avoided during the bird breeding season to prevent the impacts on the environment such as: destroying and fragmenting habitats and endangering animals.