Policies & Procedures

In line with the institutes commitment to achieving equity of opportunity for all and supporting equality, diversity and inclusion amongst our learners, our leaders and our staff, the Institute has adopted the following policies and procedures:

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Institute of Technology Carlow Flexible Working & Leave Policies

Institute of Technology Carlow has a variety of policies in place to provide for flexible working and leave arrangements, including:

  • Maternity Leave Policy & Procedures
  • Parental Leave Policy & Procedures
  • Adoptive Leave Policy & Procedures
  • Career Break Policies and Procedures
  • Flexible Working Scheme Policy & Procedures
  • Job Share Policy & Procedures
  • Work Sharing Scheme, Policies & Procedure
  • Shorter Working Year Scheme, Policies & Procedure
  • Return to Work Policy

Details of these policies are available to staff on Sharepoint or through the Institute’s Human Resources Office, which may be contacted at t: 059-9175050 or at humanresources@itcarlow.ie