Education and Training

SETU Carlow is committed to the development of an institutional campus culture which is safe, respectful and supportive.  We are actively working to implement the Framework for Consent in HEIs: Safe, Respectful, Supportive and Positive: Ending Sexual Harassment in Irish Higher Education Institutions through the following:

Active* Consent Classes, Workshops & Drama

In partnership with NUIG Active* Consent we run Active* Consent Online Classes, as well as SMART Consent dramas and workshops on campus. 

All First year students are invited to take part in Active* Consent initiatives throughout the year. These initiatives include facilitated workshops, self-directed learning, attendance at drama performance, along with targeted communications. Students and Staff will also be invited to share feedback including workshop evaluation and institutional and national surveys. Together we will continue to promote sex positive experiences and a campus culture which is free from SVH.

Active* Consent Online Workshop Trailer

Staff Awareness Video

Bystander Intervention Programme

SETU is committed to ensuring a culture of respect, consent and safety across our university, and to creating a culture of zero tolerance to any form of sexual harassment or violence.

What will I learn from the programme?

The online Bystander Intervention programme will teach you

  • how to recognise unacceptable behaviour,
  • what the barriers to intervention are
  • how to overcome them, and
  • how to safely and effectively intervene
I’ve already taken a Sexual Consent Workshop, why should I do more training?

The Bystander Intervention Programme builds on your knowledge of consent. It teaches you the skills to know when and how to intervene in a situation of sexual violence or harassment.

You will learn about the 5'D's of Intervening which includes knowing how to non-confrontationally intervene when ‘banter’ goes that bit too far, to empowering you to step in if a friend is in trouble.

The Golden Rule of Bystander Intervention: Only intervene when it is safe for you to do so, and in an emergency call 999 or 112

Where can I take in the programme, and how long is it?

You can access SETU's Bystander Intervention Programme on Moodle/Blackboard. The programme takes approximately 1–2 hours to fully complete.