Athena SWAN at the Institute

In May 2017 the Institute of Technology Carlow’s Senior Executive and Institute Management Teams unanimously adopted the ECU Athena SWAN Charter, which was subsequently presented to and endorsed by the institute’s Academic Council and Governing Body.

In June 2017, the Institute of Technology Carlow became a member of the Athena SWAN Charter.

Since then, the institute has established a high level Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Steering Group and has appointed Dr. Allison Kenneally to the role of Director of the Office of Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity.

The role of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Steering Committee is to oversee and provide guidance and direction for the achievement of equality, diversity and inclusion objectives across the Institute.

The EDI Steering Committee consists of:


Role in Institute of Technology Carlow

Dr. Patricia Mulcahy


Ms. Maebh Maher

Head of Faculty of Business & Humanities

David Denieffe
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. David Ryan

Director of the Office of Institutional Planning & Research

Dr. Allison Kenneally

Director of the Office of Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

Dr. Brian Jackson

Head of Postgraduate Studies

Dr. Yvonne Kavanagh

Assistant Registrar

Mr. Martin Dolan

Human Resources Manager


The institute is currently preparing to make an application for an Athena SWAN Bronze award. Such awards recognise a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff.

This will require IT Carlow to demonstrate:

  • an assessment of gender equality in the institution, including quantitative (staff data) and qualitative (policies, practices, systems and arrangements) evidence and identifying both challenges and opportunities
  • a four-year plan that builds on this assessment, information on activities that are already in place and what has been learned from these
  • the development of an organisational structure, including a self-assessment team, to carry proposed actions forward

In order to carry out the assessment and prepare the four-year plan, an Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team was established in November 2017.

Further details are available from Dr. Allison Kenneally, Director of the Office of Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity and Athena SWAN leader at t: 059-9175044 or at

You can also follow activities and events at Institue of Technology Carlow’s Athena Swan twitter @ITCAthenaSwan