As the name suggests, MFA uses multiple methods to identify if you are really who you claim to be. When connecting to email from outside the college, you will have to acknowledge an app notification on your phone, along with your usual username and password, to prove your credentials. You are allowed access to your mail once you clear this second authentication as well.

Please see instructions below to register for MFA using the App (recommended) . Otherwise, click HERE for instructions to register for MFA using SMS.


How do I register for MFA via an App?

On Your Phone

  1. Install “Microsoft Authenticator” from your App Store or Play Store.
  2. Open Microsoft Authenticator, skip all initial notices and click “Add Account”.
  3. Choose “Work or School Account” (grant permissions to access camera if necessary).

On Your PC

  1. Browse and login (using your SETU credentials to
  2. On the “Start by getting the app” screen, click “Next”.

  1. On the “Set up your account” screen, click “Next”.

  1. You will be shown a QR code.

On Your Phone

  1. Position the camera on the phone over the QR code on the monitor.

(Alternatively, you can manually enter code and URL).

  1. Once the QR code capture was successful, the phone will add the SETU MFA account to the Authenticator App.

On Your PC

  1. Click “Next”
  2. You should see the following.

  1. On your phone, please approve the notification from the Authenticator app.
  2. Your application connection should be verified when you see the screen below.



  1. Click Next
  2. Once Finished, you should see a “Success” screen like below.




What happens then?

When you try to access your mail, OneDrive, etc from outside of the college network, you will get prompted to enter MFA details or approve it from the Authentication app. You will have the option to remember these MFA details for 14 days.

Note: On mobile devices, we only support the official “Microsoft Outlook” application.