Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop's(VDIs) are a pool of virtual computers hosted to provide access to the Institutes suite of software and network resources from any device, from any location in the world as long as there is an Internet connection available.

You can use your own devices, such as Windows laptop computers, Macbook, mobile devices such as iPad or Windows Surface RT to access the standard desktop services easily by either installing a client software or going to this link from your favorite browser.

Virtual PC's are used in several departments throughout the college and we currently we have a small general access pool available to staff to use off campus. Please note, access to a virtual pc must be requested to the IT Manager.

Setting up your Virtual PC:

1) Download and install the client  -

Select the client for your platform and install it (will require a reboot if using Windows).     During install enter (server you will need to connect to in order to access your Virtual Desktop).

2) Launch VMware Horizon View Client - If you have not entered during the install you can do it the first time the is launched.

Enter your ITCARLOW username/password and select POSTGRADS (name of the pool)

3) Alternatively if you browse to you will be given the choice to download the client or access your VDI session through your web browser.